Lennaárd Crushes BOM Deluxe, Bergman Pulls Off Surprise Proposal

Published on 25 November 2014 by Pokerlistings 1886
This year at the PokerListings Battle of Malta there was more than poker on the schedule. Two men met to settle years of bitter rivalry in the boxing ring, on the poker felt and on the chess board. Ken Lennáard is a well-known poker player and writer in Sweden and it was in the comment section of his blog that he first met Andreas Bergman. Harsh words followed, mostly from Bergman if you believe Lennáard's story, before Bergman suggested they meet face to face to put their beef to rest once and for all. We captured it on video and although it didn't pan out the way we hoped, the ending surprised us all. Check out the full short documentary to see the story unfold for yourself.
Ken: I'm Ken Leonard, 43 years old, I have the biggest blog in Sweden, Poker Blog on pokeristings.sc.

Andreas: My name is Andreas Bergman, I'm 44 years old, I'm an author and also a driver.

Ken: So I write about pretty much anything and everything about poker in Sweden and a lot of people have opinions and this Bergman, which I never met and I never had any beef with what-so-ever, started to bad mouthing me and my family, my wife, really bad.

Andreas: Yeah, that's true. I have gone over the line lots of times but Ken has also done that. He has been accusing me of getting fired off [inaudible 00:00:56] that's not true.

Ken: He called my wife a prostitute, stuff like that and I ignored him like you're supposed to do but he sort of never went away. He just kept getting worse and said that his cat was going to scratch the eyes out of my one year old baby, stuff like that.

Andreas: I wanted to challenge Ken. I wanted something to happen in the community of poker Sweden.

Ken: Finally I said, "Okay, let's meet." He challenged me to poker and chess and boxing. We played the first one, which was the last longer of a main event. Last longer means that whoever finish last in the tournament, wins.

Andreas: Ken went out yesterday.

Ken: Unfortunately, he's still in, now I've got no doubt, So, he won that one.

Andreas: Well, I haven't played live chess for two years but before that I played in a pretty good chess club in Gothenburg. I'm pretty defensive, I want him to make the mistakes so I'll win.

Ken: I have experience as a chess player as well. I used to compete in chess. I was actually a big talent in chess and I even got a spot in the chess high school in Sweden. Basically he had 0.0% chance of winning.

Andreas: You know, on the internet, words can be pretty hard but I want it more to be like entertainment and fun but I hear now from Ken he is very angry at me, very aggressive, so we'll see.

Ken: I don't really feel hate or anger against him but with that said, I think sometimes you have to stand up for your name and put your foot down and that's what I'm doing in the boxing ring. Sometimes people need a punch in the face to understand where the line is and I'm going to provide him with that.

Thea: Boxing match could be dangerous for people like this so we have to be careful. There is a doctor who is a really good emergency doctor. I don't think he will continue match if he see that one of the boxer will actually be in danger of serious injury.

Doctor: Now we usually do our premedical check ups in keeping with international regulations and I'm going to speak with Andreas's permission. At the moment Andreas is not ready yet to compete against Ken for a number of medical reasons. So because we want our safety to be put as a priority, we've decided mutually, that we're going to postpone the event. So from my end, that's really it. I know that Andreas wants to say something to Ken so what do you want to tell Ken?

Andreas: Congratulations.

Ken: Thank you.

Doctor: So there we are.

Andreas: Come here

Girlfriend: Oh god so embarrassing

Andreas: Honey, we've been together for four years and I love you a lot. You're the most good hearted and adorable person I've ever met, so I'm asking you: Do you want to marry me?

Girlfriend: Yes, but you are pretty embarrassing now.

Andreas: Yeah, it's on me.

Girlfriend: Yes

Ken: I made my point I think. I'm fit, everybody knows I would have kicked his ass and that's good enough. I don't need to actually do it. Now I'm in the best shape in years and I lost a few pounds so hopefully I'll continue that trend. He didn't get knocked out and he got his "Yes" from his wife so I'm pretty sure he's happy with the result as well.

Andreas: I want to tell you that your "Yes" for my person is more important than this boxing thing. Much more.

Girlfriend: I'm glad they're not boxing.

Andreas: Yeah, no boxing.

Girlfriend: Now I can hit him, legally.