Katsarov Beats Brincat in Record-Setting 2014 Battle of Malta

Published on 10 November 2014 by Pokerlistings 1418

The 2014 Battle of Malta was the biggest poker tournament Malta has ever seen and after four action-packed days of poker it was Bulgarian Antoan Katsarov edging out the local favourite Alan Brincat to take the title, the trophy and the first-place prize. The two fought it out until the casino's 5am hard-stop and since Katsarov had roughly 65 per cent of the chips he became the 2014 Battle of Malta champion. The top two prizes were chopped according to chip equity which worked out to €122,750 for Katsarov and €107,250 for Brincat. BOM Host Maria Ho was on hand to present both players with their trophies and bring you up to speed with the daily highlight video. Check that out for a quick wrap-up and keep an eye out for the full 2014 Battle of Malta recap video coming soon.

Maria: Hello everyone, welcome back. It's the final day here at the 2014 Battle of Malta and by the end of the night we'll have a new champion. 35 players made it to day three of this years Battle of Malta and it didn't take long to reach the final table. Eight different European countries were represented, and one by one the players fell just Anton Casteroth and Alan Brincat left battling it out for the huge first place prize and trophy.

On behalf of Poker Listing and all of our sponsors, I would like to congratulate you, Alan Brincat on being our second place finisher here at the Battle Malta. And now for our 2014 Battle of the Malta champion Anton Casteroth, congratulations. Anton, can you please share with us how does it feel right now to know that you have won the biggest Poker tournament in Malta's history?

Anton: It feels great. It's nice to keep such a cool trophy. It's such a nice winning and to be the best. Everything is so nice, I just love it. Thank you very much.

Maria: Can you please share with us a little bit about your experience with poker and just how you've manage to find yourself in this spot now?

Anton: I started playing [inaudible 00:02:14] professionally. I started with poker [inaudible 00:02:21]. They helped me a lot to improve my game and to be where I am now.

Maria: So what does this kind of money mean to you and what kind of freedoms do you see yourself . . . that will come out of this?

Anton: It's going to help me to play the highest [inaudible 00:02:38] stakes and be one of the best.

Maria: Well, congratulations to you both and great great run.

Anton: Thank you very much.

Maria: I'm Maria Ho, here at the Battle of Malta.