Kara Scott: The Battle of Malta 2012 is All About Having Fun

Published on 22 November 2012 by Pokerlistings 468
Battle of Malta host Kara Scott shares why Malta is so special to her and why a low buy-in tournament like this is such a wonderful change from the high-pressure live tournament circuit.
Being back in Malta is really exciting. As soon as I got off the airplane I was like, "Oh, Malta!" because I really do love it here and I'm excited to be part of the tournament. To actually be hosting it is a lot of fun for me. This is definitely my kind of event and it's absolutely in my kind of place. I think the really big draw for the Battle of Malta is that it's a fun event and I think that's really important. There's a lot of poker tournaments that, you know, are very serious, and that's really important too, but there's a place for just enjoying yourself when you're playing poker. Most people, that's why they play. That's why I play. I really enjoy it, and to be able to come somewhere like this and play in an environment that's kind of low-stress, especially for players who maybe haven't played a lot live, I think that's really key. When I was at dinner last night and Dan Cates, "Jungleman", walks in, I was really surprised. The fact that he would come to this event I think is really cool. It shows that people actually do play poker just for fun even if they're huge professionals. Like, he's one of the best players in the world, and to have him come here and play at these tables, it's great, and I think it's great for people to actually sit down with him. And there's a lot of other big names coming. You know, people are going to recognize the players they're sitting against, and there's a real thrill in that for the more recreational player, I think. When Jungleman was at dinner, I did kind of pepper him with a few questions about strategy, you know, because it's always a good idea to talk to people who really know the game very, very well, and I think I got a few things out of him. He didn't actually want to say too much because there were a bunch of people actually playing the event there, and he was like, "Well, generally, in this situation I would do this," and you're like, "Come on, give me some specifics. Let me give you a specific hand and you tell me how you'd play it." And he didn't want to go that far, but I think I actually learned quite a bit. It was interesting. It's interesting to look into the mind of someone who sees poker at such a deep level. One of the great things about Malta is the weather, clearly, it's beautiful. We're here in November and, you know, I'm wearing a summer dress and that's great. It's like a holiday. And then, you walk around and the place is so beautiful, the buildings and the architecture just up against the hills, and there's the ocean. And for me, a lot of the great fun of being here is being able to go down and look at the ocean. It's being able to wander around some of the old towns and see a lot of the history. This place has a huge amount of history and, you know, for someone like me, that's a lot of the fun. I'm really excited to sit down and play some poker here. I like this and I like the buy-in level, you know, because I am a recreational player. But, I get to play in these really big events and that's amazing. I was playing WPT in Copenhagen, I'm heading to Morocco to play another event there, and then Prague for the WPT. And those are great fun, but I really love playing the smaller buy-ins because it's nice to feel really comfortable at the table. When I look around and I see eight huge pros, it's a little intimidating. I do play and I play quite a bit, and I love being able to, but I don't play every day like a lot of these people do, and I certainly don't grind online anymore. I haven't been able to. So, yeah, I think for me, this is a bit more my level.