Kara Scott Tells Us Why the Battle of Malta is the BOM

Published on 27 September 2013 by Pokerlistings 476
This is the second annual Battle of Malta and it's the second time Kara Scott has been gracious enough to host the event. Malta is one of her favorite places on earth and she tells us why she loves the island, and the Battle of Malta, in this new video interview.
The 2012 Battle of Malta, which was the first ever, was fantastic. People seemed to have a great time. I know I had a great time and so it's not surprising to me that so many people have come back for this year. The atmosphere was great, there were a lot of people there who play not for a living but because they really love poker. For me, that's important because I play because I love poker. It's nice to be sitting at a table where everyone's pretty friendly. We are all trying to get each other's chips but in a way that just really speaks to the heart of the game.

When I'm playing in really big events, some of the big events like The World Series Main Event or The Irish Open or some of the big WPTs, you get a lot of pros at your table and that...We're there to make money and they're there to make their living so I understand it. But there's a lot of headphones, there's not a lot of talking, it's pretty quiet, whereas, here at the Battle of Malta, it's the opposite of that. People want to know each other's stories, there's a lot more talking at the tables. I didn't see almost anybody wearing headphones and kind of tuning out of their table and just into the game. It's more of a relaxed atmosphere. It's more about enjoying the game, I think. And it's easier to sit down and enjoy the game when everyone else is doing that with you.

We expected to do well this year here at The Battle of Malta. We had a great number of people, 349 last year. This year, on just the first day one, we blew past that and clearly we're blowing right past the 200K guaranteed. And I think that is really exciting, it says that people really like this kind of tournament. They want a tournament here they can come and they can play and they can re-buy if they need to without it being quite painful to their pocket book, which I think is a good thing. It's a much more festive atmosphere. And the lines to people to pick up their seats, everyone seems pretty excited about the whole thing. People really want to play this tournament.

I think this particular experience is a good one for people to have in poker. You come to a tournament that's really well run. Proper tables, proper chips, proper dealers in a really great casino. We've got video people here taking photos and videos of thinks, we're interviewing people. It's the experience of a big buy-in tournament but without the cost of a big buy-in tournament. And it's great because I think everybody should have that chance to really experience that. It's exciting, we feel like we are part of something bigger than just the buy-in that we paid. And yeah, I can see even next year being even bigger.

I've recently moved over to Italy. I'd been living in California, all my stuff had been in storage for over a year. And when I shipped it all to Italy everything arrived in perfect condition except for one box. And it's going to sound stupid but in that one box were some trophies that I'd won, including the very first ever poker tournament I'd ever won at my local casino for a couple of thousand. It was a tiny little cup but it meant a lot to me. Loosing that was kind of crappy actually. So when I think about it, I want to win this tournament because I want this trophy.And last year I saw the trophies and they were amazing. It's like they're kitsch and colorful and they're something you really want to win and you really want to show off. So I'm here, day 1B, to win this thing. Not just for the money and glory but for the trophy.