Jungleman Meditates on the Zen of Bluffs and Value Bets

Published on 26 September 2013 by Pokerlistings 510

In addition to being a Jedi Master, Dan "Jungleman" Cates is also a very deep thinker. In this deep and profound clip Cates meditates on the yin and yang of poker and life, also known as bluffing and value betting. Cates teaches that bluffing is the dark side of the force, the evil, and value bets are the light, and the truth. Learn from Cates and improve both your poker skills and your life. Namaste.

So people when they talk about poker they think, "Should I be bluffing a lot?" or "Should I not be bluffing a lot?" there's one side of people that think that pokers all about bluffing. They think, "Yeah, you need to exploit your opponent at every opportunity. You've got to bluff them as much as possible." And like, "Poker's about balls and machismo." and all that other shit. And then there's the other side of people who think poker is all about patience and waiting for hands and getting those value bets, just grinding those blinds at a time. But you know me, I think that poker, bluffing, and value betting are kind of like the yin and yang of real life because without the value bets you can't have the bluffs and without the bluffs you can't have the value bets. Because they're kind of connected because what's a bluff without a value bet? It's kind of like, the value bets are kind of like the good side of the force, right? Because, they're all about telling the truth and stuff and bluffs are the dark side of the force where it's pure evil and whatever. And there's not a really in between but through this there's balance between the forces. It somehow works out to create an interesting story and that's like the peril between poker and life. That's what makes it such a crazy game with swings, chips, colors, cards and like coolers and suck outs and all that other stuff. That's what makes it a great game. Namaste.