Jukka Hilden of the Dudesons Makes Final 18 at 2013 Battle of Malta

Published on 29 September 2013 by Pokerlistings 432
Jukka Hilden, part of the infamous Dudesons from Finland, is still alive at the final two tables of the 2013 Battle of Malta. Hilden told us he doesn't know much about poker but judging by how he's playing at the table we're inclined not to believe him. Jukka is the rockstar of the Dudesons and tells us about poker, his philosophy on life and what he's been up to at the Battle of Malta.
Yeah, I was actually doing pretty good. I was like 220, 240 or something like that like twice the average. And then I lost my concentration somewhere. I don't know. It just walked away. And then I just started calling things and going all in. He called me the first time and I lost 160. So I was down to 100 or whatever. A couple hands later, I'm up in 340 against the same guy. So I'm doing good right now.

Now I'm trying to go and look for my concentration, but you guys are interviewing me so he might be running far out from the casino already.

But I've got to tell you Malta's been treating us really nice. This morning, we woke up and went cliff jumping all over the place. PokerListings took us out there on a yacht and we had Puma Swede there pretty much naked. But it was fun to go around, and do flips from the cliffs, and do some wakeboarding and all that. So not just the poker, but what Malta has to offer us, it's been great so far and I'm still in the game. So I'm feeling pretty good.

The Dudesons, obviously we do stunts and crazy things, and blow up shit and break cars and all that. But the new show we've been doing is called Dudesons Home Invasion where we move into an ordinary Finnish family that has a problem. So we move into a family that has a problem and we try to solve it. So it's a fun concept where the first day hell breaks loose, and we explore what the problem really is, and we make it worse. And the next day, dreams come true and it all ends up in tears of joy. It's fun to do the new show with the families of the Finnish people and all that. So we get to play around with kids and it's been pretty good. We're shooting the third season right now, which is almost done. We just finished before we came to Malta, so for us it's a nice good boys' trip.

I think most of all how I live my life is live your dream. You've got to enjoy what you do and laugh a lot. Playing poker, it's a social game for me. It's a fun game, so you've got to have fun there, and sometimes you've got to take risks, because a lot favors the daring. I don't really have a strategy how I play. I kind of know the basics. But for example, I had to ask on the table is straight better than a flush. But I sort of know, and the people when they see my hassle, they don't know if I know or if I don't know, and how could they because I don't even know. It's been fun.

My philosophy towards life is you've got to live your life, and you've got to be the grandpa in the retirement home that tells the stories rather than the guy who is like, "I should have done that. I should have done this." You've got to live your life everyday like it's your last day. I believe in that. You've got to face your fears as well. Challenge yourself.