Jorryt van Hoof Makes 2014 WSOP November Nine Final Table

Published on 18 July 2014 by Pokerlistings 1822
For two straight years Dutch poker players have made the final table of the WSOP Main Event and this year it's Jorryt van Hoof looking to become the first-ever world champion of poker from the Netherlands. van Hoof has been a successful Pot-Limit Omaha cash-game player for years and even owns the poker website Before this event he only had $350,000 in live tournament earnings. He's already guaranteed over $730K for making this final table but he's got a chance at up to $10 million should he emerge victorious in November. van Hoof explains to PokerListings
I'm Jorryt Van Hoof. I'm from the Netherlands. I'm 31 years old. I'm really happy to be here on November 9. The way I got into poker, I used to own a gaming store. We were selling mostly Magic the Gathering, a collectable card game, and also some board games. It was a physical store with a lot of players in it all the time, and then people started playing poker in the gaming store. And basically I just sat with them one time, played some poker, I probably got really lucky and started to play more and more. I started playing the 50 euro tournaments at the Dutch casino and got real lucky there as well and decided to focus on poker. Then I started playing online basically and now I've been playing poker for over, I don't know, over 10 years.

I mean the freedom you get from being a poker player is really awesome. I think it's basically the main reason that I chose to stick with being a poker player. I really wouldn't like to sit behind a desk from nine to five, actually I'm sitting behind a desk quite long, but now I get to choose my own hours, and being able to travel whenever I want, combine basically holiday with poker is just awesome, of course, and it's a pretty good life. I'm really thankful.

I mean this is November 9. It's the biggest thing in poker so I'm super thankful for being here. Obviously I've gotten really lucky, and besides that the last year I've made a lot of progress as a poker player, I think, especially my focus and stamina has really grown and that's what you obviously need to sit down for 10 hours straight every day seven days. So that's what I was really happy with, that I was focused almost all the time at least on 85% or something. Like last year Michiel Brummelhuis made final nine and that was really awesome. Like a Dutch man and also a friend of mine who made last the final nine was just a pretty bizarre experience already. You know, seeing someone you know pretty well on TV. Yeah it's really pretty cool.

Obviously I was rooting for him to end up even a little higher, but it was just a sick, how do you say it, prestige. And now, I mean, now, I'm here sitting in this spot basically the year after. I'm just feeling really lucky and super happy and excited. Literally my phone battery died out in 30 minutes yesterday because of all the messages I got. So I got quite a lot of response from the Netherlands and family staying up all night and watching the live report, basically. I'm doing this interview now so I just see what happens and I'll just let it all just happen to me. Yeah, I'm just enjoying the experience basically.