Joe Hachem Sad about Busting Main Event, Launches Strategy Academy

Published on 13 July 2013 by Pokerlistings 296
2005 WSOP Main Event champ Joe Hachem told that busting the Main Event is the saddest day of the year for every poker player who enters. Sadly that day was yesterday for Hachem but he was nice enough to come back to the Rio to chat about how special this event is, and fill us in on his new strategy project the Joe Hachem Poker Academy.
The World Series main event is the greatest tournament on the planet. We all acknowledge that. When you bust out of it, it's the saddest day in poker for you for the whole year. Nothing you can do about it, no matter how much success you've had, it's just a horrible day. Even coming back to the Rio [SP], today to do a couple of interviews, and I just want to check up on a couple of friends who are playing. I so much want to be on the other side of that rail and have a mountain of chips playing. I guess anybody who's played the main event, anyone who's had success at the World Series, understands what I'm saying.

Whether you are an amateur, whether it's your first time, whether you are a seasoned pro, the World Series main event is special. I think it's that culmination of everyone coming together and vying for the world title. People who it's their was my dream to come out in '05 to play. It was such a big thing for me to do back then. Every year we say the same thing, my day, one table, everyone on that table. It was their dream to play the World Series main event. It's such a great feeling. I think that's what creates the vibe, that's what makes it so exciting for everyone. Even the most cynical pros feel the same way about this event.

So the World Series main event is not just a poker tournament. It's an event. Regardless whether we've got 8,000 people playing or 110 people playing like back in the day, it's still that event. There is so much more about the event than the numbers. It's a piece of history. It's an iconic part of poker. It's been about two years in the making. I decided to produce the Joe Hachem Poker Academy, and totally different to what anyone else has done before. You are not listening to me whilst you are watching me play online, I'm telling you what I'm doing. It's more of a personalized education system where I come into your home, whether it's on your iPad, on your laptop, on your phone, you get to download the video, watch it for a few minutes and take a specific lesson that I give you examples of and that can help make you a better poker player.

Also as part of this, I discuss some historical hands that became quite famous for whatever reason, and analyze and break those hands down. I also will occasionally tell you a bad bet story that I found really funny. So it's more educational one-on-one rather than listening to me punch out a bunch of numbers to you.

This is not for the hardened pros. This is for your beginners, intermediates, who want to take that next level and become a better player, come out to the World Series and play, play in their local casino and win there, or beat their mates up in their home game. It's entertaining. It's short. It's not going to bore you, and it's me telling you the truth. Sometimes I dissect my own hands that I've played in the past where I think I played them poorly. So it's all about being honest and open with my viewers, trying to give them information in a package that they can understand that's not gonna blow their mind.