Joe Hachem Announces WSOP APAC Shuffle Up and Deal

Published on 4 April 2013 by Pokerlistings 734
WSOP and Crown Casino staff along with former world champion of poker Joe Hachem kick off the first ever World Series of Poker Asia Pacific by announcing shuffle up and deal!
Jim: Ladies and gentleman, if I could just have your attention quickly please. On behalf of Crown Melbourne, it is a great pleasure, I welcome you all here tonight to celebrate the opening of Event 1 of the World Series of Poker Asia Pacific. It gives us great pleasure to partner with the biggest brand in poker, the World Series of Poker, and give away the first five bracelets in the southern hemisphere. There's five people tonight that will be part...or five people over the next 10 days that will be part of history. And we are really looking forward to a fantastic festival of poker. It is with great pleasure that I welcome the world's foremost tournament director, Mr. Jack Effel, all the way from Las Vegas. He's gonna to run through some formalities and then we'll get it on underway. So, as far I'm concerned, I would like to thank all the team at Crown Poker in Melbourne, they've done a fantastic job to put this event together. It means a hell of a lot to get this event here and again, I wish you all the best. Jack. Jack: Thank you Jim, and welcome everyone here to the 2013 World Series of Poker Asia Pacific. It's fantastic to be here, I love seeing all the faces. I was here during the Aussie Millions back in January, this crew does one fantastic job of running poker tournaments, one thing these guys know is poker. And what a magnificent property this is. I want to cover a few rules before we get started, and Ty's gonna talk to you a little bit about the origin of the accumulator and how that came about. But a few rules you should be away of in this event. You must be at your seat by the time the final player receives a complete hand, or you will have a dead hand. Our cell phone rule is the same as it is here. So, you can text or email at the table, tweet, whatever you want to do, as long as you don't have cards. But to make or receive a call please make sure that you step away from the table to do so. It is regulated by Australia Gaming for sure. If your table breaks or you're asked to move from one table to another, don't place any chips in your pocket, conceal them or take them off the tournament floor. We are tracking all penalties for the five bracelet events here during the World Series of Poker Asia Pacific. So, please remember if you receive a penalty, the next one you receive may be more severe than the first. Everyone is starting with 3,000 in chips. We'll be playing eight levels tonight and you'll be taking a 15 minute break every two levels. Now, the players from tomorrow and from Saturday will also play levels and we'll combine the field on Sunday with combined stack, which is an exciting concept for us to be able to implement here. So, they too will be on 04/07, which is April 7th, and of course the final table will play out on April 8th. Now, we are gonna be starting with 25/25 blinds with our butt in seat five. But to get things started, please welcome the Executive Director of the World Series of Poker and Senior Vice President of Caesars Interactive Entertainment, a nice warm round of applause for Mr. Ty Stewart. Ty: For those of you who have not been to America, please don't let Jack scare you. Just like not every Australian sounds like Crocodile Dundee, not every America sounds like Jack Effel. I think Texas is it's own country. Or in any case, we are very excited to be here tonight. In 1970, the great Jack Binion had a simple and clear vision. And that was to bring together the world's best poker players for the ultimate poker competition. Of course at that time, poker was predominantly played in America, where the sharks were cowboys. But in 40-some years, my how things have changed. Now poker is truly a global game and we are proud to put the "world" in World Series of Poker. We, of course, have seen watershed moments here in Australia with the champ. A man it is literally larger than life as we see him around the halls here. Joe Hachem's championship in 2005, many great players like former player of the year, Jeffrey Lisandro, who I have seen here tonight. Of course the growth and explosion of Aussie Millions, Australia has cemented themselves as a hotbed of poker and one of the leading markets for poker in the world. Of course, we are also seeing a boom in Asia, with historic milestones of new tournaments in places like China and Japan. So it was only logical for us to make a third leg of our triple crown, that'd be the World Series of Poker Asia Pacific Championships. I'd like to see by show of hands, how many of you here tonight are playing in your first ever World Series of Poker bracelet competition? Anybody back here? You poker players don't like to give anything away. And by the way, you guys in these cash games, what the hell are you doing? Go chase a bracelet please. But in addition to the new folks who will be playing for World Series of Poker glory, we are also going to see many familiar faces in this fortnight. Faces like the reigning World Champion of poker, Greg Merson. The 2010 champion Jonathan Duhamel, Antonia Denari, Phil Hellmuth, the names go on and on. Yes, including Mr. Phil Hellmuth, who is trying to do the unthinkable, win three bracelets in three continents in a single year. And please, please, do whatever you possibly can to not make that happen. In any case, without further ado, a man who really helped set the tone for the international champions to come. A man that has been an amazing ambassador for poker, who personifies a lot of why we were excited to come here and work with the great people at Crown. To kick us off in high style, Mr. Joseph Hachem. Joseph: I feel totally underdressed. You didn't tell me I had to have a suit and tie. Good luck everyone, I hope you are all as excited as I am about WSOP being here. Let's get some bracelets. Dealers, shuffle up and deal. Here is what you are playing for guys, besides the cash.