Jason Koon vs. The Mountain (Teaser for Short Documentary)

Published on Feb 2014 by Pokerlistings

PokerListings.com brings you a teaser for its upcoming short poker documentary with high-stakes poker pro Jason Koon. We learn about climbing the stakes in poker and moving forward in life from one of the brightest minds in the poker world. Jason Koon has racked up almost $3.5 million in live tournament earnings and routinely plays some of the biggest buy-in poker events in the world. Koon is an American but after online poker was shut down in the US on Black Friday, he moved to Vancouver to continue to play poker on the internet. Now he lives with fellow high-stakes pro Ben Tollerene and uses Vancouver as a launching pad to travel the world playing poker. In the next month PokerListings.com is shooting a special short poker documentary to tell Jason Koon's unique story. Check out this short teaser now and keep an eye on PokerListings.com for the full documentary coming soon!

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New Poker Super-Cut to Watasun and Wanting's “I Don't Want to Work” 02:37

New Poker Super-Cut to Watasun and Wanting's “I Don't Want to Work”

PokerListings has been producing poker video since 2006 and we've interviewed an incredible number of poker pros, celebrities and interesting people from all over the world. To wish everyone a happy holidays we've taken just a small portion of those clips and set them to the song “I Don't Want to Work” by Wanting, Reid Henry and vocals by Adam Bailie. Someone smart once said, if you do what you love you'll never work a day in your life. That's a concept poker players understand very well. The video includes clips from poker pros including Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, Mike Sexton, Terrence Chan, Nick Binger, Dan Cates, Kara Scott, Maria Ho and tons more as well as Hollywood celebrities including Matt Damon, James Woods, Jason Alexander, Ray Romano, and sports stars Paul Pierce, George St. Pierre and Roberto Luongo to name just a few. Watch the full video and see who you can spot.

Behind the Scenes: PokerListings and the Battle of Malta 04:51

Behind the Scenes: PokerListings and the Battle of Malta

For the second year in a row the PokerListings Battle of Malta set the record for the largest poker tournament ever held in Malta and this year we're taking you behind the scenes to find out what goes into one of Europe's hottest low buy-in poker events. Starting at the PokerListings video studio in Vancouver we fly to Malta to see if the 2014 Battle of Malta will cover the €500,000 guaranteed prize pool. We also go inside the PokerListings.com head office to learn the story behind one of the most successful online poker affiliate companies in the world. Watch the full video and check PokerListings.com for more action from the 2014 Battle of Malta.

Panka, Hansen, Shorr Receive 2014 Spirit of Poker Awards in Malta 03:25
Shannon Shorr

Panka, Hansen, Shorr Receive 2014 Spirit of Poker Awards in Malta

At the 2014 Battle of Malta, PokerListings honored three very special poker players with the Spirit of Poker Awards. Dominik Panka, Thor Hansen and Shannon Shorr took the second-ever SOPA awards in the categories of Rising Star, Living Legend and Most Inspiring Player, respectively. Both Panka and Hansen were in Malta to receive the award but Shorr was unable to attend and sent in a video acceptance speech. Each player beat out a tough lineup of poker pro's and received more votes in order to win. Check out the video and watch Battle of Malta host Maria Ho present the awards, plus a few words from each of our winners.

Thor Hansen Reflects on Epic, Inspiring Poker Life (w Johnny Lodden) 12:28
Thor Hansen

Thor Hansen Reflects on Epic, Inspiring Poker Life (w Johnny Lodden)

Thor Hansen was a teenager when he took over his brother's stack in a poker game and went on his first heater. Now, over 50 years later he's been around the world and seen more of what the poker world is all about than almost anyone. Hansen received the Spirit of Poker Living Legend Award at the 2014 Battle of Malta and spoke candidly about one of the most epic and inspirational poker journeys ever. Starting in Oslo in the 1960s Hansen played in poker clubs, at the racetrack and even in the woods. “Poker came naturally to me. I was playing a little bit of pool and I was always into gambling. I went to the racetrack when I was seven years old,” said Hansen. “I never thought about what I was going to become. Poker just meant so much to me so quickly I never thought about anything else. I just wanted to play poker. So that's what I did.” In his 20s Hansen began travelling. He set a course for Las Vegas and on his first trip won a WSOP bracelet and did well in the cash games. Hansen talks about how, years later, he became close friends with poker legend Stuey Ungar and went on to play for Larry Flynt in his famous seven-card stud game in LA. Hansen is joined by Johnny Lodden, one of Norway's most successful poker players ever. Lodden talks about how Hansen was and continues to be an inspiration to poker players in Norway and beyond. Check out the full interview and keep watching PokerListings for poker player interviews, short documentaries and poker strategy video.

Discuss Strategy with Poker Friends - How Not to Suck at Poker Ep. 10 02:53
How Not to Suck at Poker

Discuss Strategy with Poker Friends - How Not to Suck at Poker Ep. 10

Our final tip in this series is to make friends with poker players that are better than you and discuss hands with them whenever you get the chance. We've interviewed thousands of professional poker players and when we ask them how they got better, this is the number one answer. If you're already part of a group of poker friends chances are you're already talking strategy, but if none of your friends are into it, it'll pay off to branch out a bit and make friends with some good poker players. And the good thing is, it doesn't even have to be in real life. There's a ton of strategy discussion on poker forums like two plus two, and you can take it one step further by joining a skype group with people who play the same stakes and games as you. Advice That's Right for You Books are a great resource for learning strong fundamentals and lots of of hard data but you can't always find out how to fix the mistakes YOU'RE making. When you're talking strategy with a good player you can address the exact spots that are giving you the most trouble. Usually a better player will have already encountered them and can give you great advice based on their experience. The advice will be even more useful if you're talking to someone who's already beat the games and stakes you're playing. Staking Deals and Support It's pretty common in poker for good players to invest time in teaching their friends, and even go on to stake them in tournaments or cash games. If your goal is to become a more serious poker player getting a staking deal and a poker mentor is one of the best things you can do. And if you want to make a living playing poker, it's really valuable to have a support network to get you through tough times and motivate you to keep working hard and playing your best. If everything goes according to plan, sometime down the road you'll be one giving a new player the benefit of your experience.

Lennaárd Crushes BOM Deluxe, Bergman Pulls Off Surprise Proposal 06:19

Lennaárd Crushes BOM Deluxe, Bergman Pulls Off Surprise Proposal

This year at the PokerListings Battle of Malta there was more than poker on the schedule. Two men met to settle years of bitter rivalry in the boxing ring, on the poker felt and on the chess board. Ken Lennáard is a well-known poker player and writer in Sweden and it was in the comment section of his blog that he first met Andreas Bergman. Harsh words followed, mostly from Bergman if you believe Lennáard's story, before Bergman suggested they meet face to face to put their beef to rest once and for all. We captured it on video and although it didn't pan out the way we hoped, the ending surprised us all. Check out the full short documentary to see the story unfold for yourself.

GPI's Alex Dreyfus: It's the Right Time to Start Sportifying Poker 04:32

GPI's Alex Dreyfus: It's the Right Time to Start Sportifying Poker

Two and a half years ago Alex Dreyfus bought the Global Poker Index with the intention of making it the worldwide standard for poker rankings. He now says he's accomplished that goal and is looking forward to making poker a mainstream sport. Dreyfus competed in the PokerListings Battle of Malta, the biggest poker event in Malta's history, and says the event's low buy-in and major-tournament feel are a key way poker brands can attract new players to the game. Dreyfus says it's a format that's largely missing from the European tournament scene but that globally it's actually the fastest-growing style of poker event. Dreyfus goes on to explain his new projects the Global Poker Masters and the Global Poker League, two new initiatives to make poker more marketable to a mainstream audience. Through both events Dreyfus hopes to create a system where the best poker players in the world don't have to buy-in to major events, but can instead compete for big prizes supported by team owners and advertising sponsors, similar to professional golf. Check out the full interview and stay tuned for more interviews and highlights from the 2014 Battle of Malta.

Jan Peter Jachtmann Rates Best German PLO Players, High-Stakes Scene 03:38
Battle of Malta

Jan Peter Jachtmann Rates Best German PLO Players, High-Stakes Scene

Jan Peter Jachtmann is a high-stakes poker player from Germany who specializes in Pot-Limit Omaha but he took a shot in No-Limit Hold'em at the 2014 PokerListings Battle of Malta. Jachtmann runs down the list of who he thinks are the best German PLO players, plus talks about the new season of German High Roller, the country's most successful televised high-stakes cash game. Jachtmann also discusses his print magazine POKERBLATT and it's future after PokerStars recently pulled their advertising purchases. Check out the full video and keep watching for more from the 2014 Battle of Malta.

BOM Host Maria Ho Recaps Action-Packed 2014 Battle of Malta 05:16
Battle of Malta

BOM Host Maria Ho Recaps Action-Packed 2014 Battle of Malta

PokerListings.com has been to poker tournaments all over the world but we've never seen an event with the passion and excitement on display at the 2014 Battle of Malta. It not only broke it's own record for the biggest poker tournament in Malta history, with 1,447 entries, it brought together hundreds and hundreds of amateur poker players from all over Europe and gave them a major international tournament experience at a buy-in that's accessible even to low-stakes players. BOM Host Maria Ho did an amazing job anchoring the videos and interacting with fans and players, and she's back for one final event recap video to show you everything the Battle of Malta has to offer. After four huge days of poker Bulgarian Antoan Katsarov made a heads-up deal with local Maltese poker player Alan Brincat that saw Katsarov take home €122,000 and a killer Battle of Malta trophy. Check out the video for the winner interview, tons of footage from the Main Event and side tournaments, plus an inside look at the BOM VIP Player Party that was definitely one of the best parties in the poker world. The Battle of Malta will be back next year, bigger and better than ever, and we hope to see you there.

Katsarov Beats Brincat in Record-Setting 2014 Battle of Malta 03:00
Maria Ho

Katsarov Beats Brincat in Record-Setting 2014 Battle of Malta

The 2014 Battle of Malta was the biggest poker tournament Malta has ever seen and after four action-packed days of poker it was Bulgarian Antoan Katsarov edging out the local favourite Alan Brincat to take the title, the trophy and the first-place prize. The two fought it out until the casino's 5am hard-stop and since Katsarov had roughly 65 per cent of the chips he became the 2014 Battle of Malta champion. The top two prizes were chopped according to chip equity which worked out to €122,750 for Katsarov and €107,250 for Brincat. BOM Host Maria Ho was on hand to present both players with their trophies and bring you up to speed with the daily highlight video. Check that out for a quick wrap-up and keep an eye out for the full 2014 Battle of Malta recap video coming soon.