Jan Peter Jachtmann Rates Best German PLO Players, High-Stakes Scene

Published on 19 November 2014 by Pokerlistings 644
Jan Peter Jachtmann is a high-stakes poker player from Germany who specializes in Pot-Limit Omaha but he took a shot in No-Limit Hold'em at the 2014 PokerListings Battle of Malta. Jachtmann runs down the list of who he thinks are the best German PLO players, plus talks about the new season of German High Roller, the country's most successful televised high-stakes cash game. Jachtmann also discusses his print magazine POKERBLATT and it's future after PokerStars recently pulled their advertising purchases. Check out the full video and keep watching for more from the 2014 Battle of Malta.
We're talking about the new episodes of the German high roller which will be out in December, shown in December. It has been a great time, a lot of big, big pots, maybe some new records. Some of the best players in the world taking part like George Danzer who just became this year WSOP player of the year, Philipp Gruissem he's won on High Stakes Player. It's going to be interesting to watch and some funny situations, exciting hands. However, you're talking about the best [inaudible:00:00:45] the German speaking mark let's say for me is Ronnie Kaiser from Switzerland he's taking part in that too. Phillip Gruissem is not one of the best players as yet, he's still learning, I think he will admit that too. Players like George Danzer he's one of the best all round players for sure, he's very good. Some of them you don't know because they are not playing in this high roller but they are players like Max Lehmanski, Kim Yoon and obviously you know him, Ben Spindler has got very good [inaudible:00:01:26] he's always in the big cash games but he doesn't want to be on television so he doesn't go to the German [inaudible 00:01:31]. These are the names which come into my mind when you talk about the high stakes Omaha players.

Sure it's still a thrill and emotional to play big pots from like $50K to $100K. It's a lot of money for everybody. And it affects me, if you have a bad run and you can lose a lot for sure it affects everybody that's sitting there. We don't have these multimillionaires like [inaudible 00:02:04] or some of these guys who maybe just can afford to lose a million a night or half a million or something. These players are so rare we don't have them in Germany.

So you asked me about the Poker Blood which is the biggest poker magazine print in German market, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. We are the German market leader but we had five magazines some years ago now we have one or maximum two, one Austrian magazine. Everywhere around the world I think, at least in Europe for print it is difficult because you live on advertisement on the marketing of that magazine. In the moment it's not easy, I don't know why the rumors came up, maybe because market leader Poker Stars says they won't make us in print anymore. We can live without Poker Stars but we will be in the market and we will fight that this magazine which a lot of people love still exists. It's not easy, there have to be new brands involved. This the a step we're waiting for, we don't need to have only some of the online poker sites, it's not enough, we need more in the overall market.