Ivey, Hachem, Warne Intro WSOP APAC Main Event

Published on 11 April 2013 by Pokerlistings 962

The first ever World Series of Poker Asia Pacific main event is up and running and was kicked off this evening in Melbourne by a group of massive names in poker and sport. Phil Ivey, Greg Merson, Joe Hachem, Shane Warne and Aussie Rules Football star Heath Shaw all join the WSOP staff on stage to announce shuffle up and deal. Check out all the footage in this exclusive PokerListings.com video.

Host: Good evening, everybody! Today's a very special day here in the Crown Poker Room here in Melbourne, Australia as we are hosting the very first WSOP Main Event gold bracelet in the southern hemisphere. Ladies and gentleman please welcome to the stage none other than Mr. Phil Ivey.

Host 2: Phil, on behalf of Melbourne and the World Series of Poker I present you with your 9th bracelet. Congratulations, well played.

Host: Mr. Greg Mercer. Greg I'd love it if you could join me here for a second. We have actually a little special surprise for you. We'd like to bring out a star player from the Cullingwood Nightflies ladies and gentleman Mr. Heath Shaw.

Heath: Good day, everyone. On behalf of the Cullingwood football club after a wonderful win on the weekend we'd like to present Greg with a signed jumper or jersey from all the boys there and yeah good luck with the tournament everybody.

Host: Ladies and gentleman it's Mr. Joe Hachem.

Joe: Welcome! Someone just asked me how I think the week has gone with the WSOP here. And I think it's been an outstanding success. It's amazing to see so many people here. WSOP is a great brand Crown Casino is a great casino. I think the union has been better for everyone and really we can't do it unless we're all here together playing so thank you all for coming. I hope you all have a good time. And I hope you all win something at least. Not all of us can get 9 bracelets like Mr. Ivey but one day when I grow up. I think I'll introduce you to the one and only Mr. Shane Ward.

Shane: Welcome to Melbourne everybody here from out of town who's staying from overseas. Welcome to Crown, welcome to Melbourne, I hope they're putting on a good show for you. It should be a fantastic tournament. Looking forward to cards falling your way. Enjoy the scene enjoy the tournament and I hope everyone has a great time.

Host: All right guys you ready to play poker?

Group: Shuffle up and deal.