Italian Pro Giovanni Rizzo Loves Malta, Reggae Bars ... and Kara Scott

Published on 26 September 2013 by Pokerlistings 440

This is the second time has hosted the Battle of Malta and it's the second time Italian poker pro Giovanni Rizzo has traveled here to compete. It might have something to do with the beautiful location, or the juicy poker action. But then again it might be because his fiancee Kara Scott is the host. The couple came close to moving here following last year's event and we check in with the two to find out what's so special about Malta.

Kara Scott: Hi I'm Kara Scott here at The Battle of Malta and I have Italian poker pro Giovanni Rizzo with me now. Tell me why you came to The Battle of Malta besides the fact that obviously your fiance is hosting the event.

Giovanni Rizzo: We came here last year and it was a lot of fun. I like the environment here. I like how friendly it is and it's nice to have a change of pace plus I think we both love Malta a lot so that's always a good spot to come back to.

Kara Scott: It's true. I think after last year's Battle of Malta, we pretty much were thinking about moving here and one of my biggest things is I love the weather and it's just so relaxed here and the food is good. What was your kind of impulse to come here?

Giovanni Rizzo: The sea. I like. Last year, I was really at the sea, It was October I think. And...

Kara Scott: November.

Giovanni Rizzo: November. Even I swam every day and I love it. The weather is always very very nice. It's Italianish in a way so I wouldn't be feeling too much far away from home. There's an airport that flies you everywhere. I feel like a realtor. I don't know. I like it.

Kara Scott: We are tourist reps here from Malta I think. And also for me one the big things was my favorite bar in the whole world is here. It's a reggae bar called Jewels and we even went there last night very briefly didn't we?

Giovanni Rizzo: She was there very briefly. I was there not so briefly, so I'm proud of me for today but yeah, no. It's a super cool bar. It's a reggae bar which are slowly disappearing in Europe for some weird reason, but it's the bomb. It's my favorite bar in Europe I believe.

Kara Scott: And it didn't do me well, I got to admit because so far I've lost like a quarter of my stack just a couple levels in. So I'm hoping that you do better than me here today.

Giovanni Rizzo: I got 40K [SP] already so. . .

Kara Scott: It's always the way. I'm Kara Scott here at The Battle of Malta.