Inside the Cube: Global Poker League Revs Up Sportification of Poker

Published on 7 July 2016 by Pokerlistings 586
French entrepreneur Alex Dreyfus is betting big on the Global Poker League and trying to take poker to the level of other established professional sports. While the World Series of Poker is playing out across town visited the GPL's brand-new TV studio to take you behind the scenes at the most ambitious new project in the poker world. We talk to Dreyfus and the GPL's newest commentator Joe Stapleton to find out how they plan to “sportify” the game of poker. Dreyfus introduces us to The Cube, a massive glass enclosure in which GPL matches are played. The Cube is soundproof and has one-way mirrors so fans can see in but players can't see out. There's no poker table and no dealer, just special iPads mounted on stands. The players don't even get to sit down. Dreyfus' vision is for GPL matches to play out in front of crowds of paying spectators, all rooting for their favorite teams and players. The setup now is already impressive but Dreyfus says it's just one per cent of the way there. Playing the GPL's latest match was Canadian pro Xuan Liu and legendary high-stakes online pro Dan “ Jungelman” Cates. Check out the video to see what it's like behind the scenes at the Global Poker League and to hear Alex Dreyfus' plans for the future of GPL.