Guy Laliberté: 'Hopefully a Businessman Will Win Big One for One Drop'

Published on 29 June 2014 by Pokerlistings 418

Cirque de Soleil and One Drop founder Guy Laliberté really hopes a businessman wins the 2014 $1 million Big One for One Drop at the WSOP in Las Vegas since most of the businessmen in the event have pledged to donate the majority of their winnings. Regardless of the outcome, however, this event has already raised more than $4.5 million for the One Drop foundation and its water-based humanitarian efforts around the world. Laliberté says he hasn't played much poker since the last Big One for One Drop in 2012 but that he's excited to sit down at the felt, even if it is against the best poker players in the world. Make sure to check for all the latest news and videos from the 2014 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

I'm very happy that, again, for the second year we've been able to have a successful Big One for One Drop. This is over $4.5 million for one drop already. I'm overwhelmed by it. It's always difficult the second year to have another success. I think we had it. Hopefully, we'll have another big, nice tournament at a very high level of competition. It's a tough field but we're here to have fun.

Yeah, obviously, this is a very good opportunity for poker to raise its reputation. I always had said that the poker community is a very generous community and, again, with this association with the WSOP, the Big One for One Drop. But also the Little One for One Drop, the other poker tournament, the 1% campaign that we have. We've been having a great, great response. So it is good for poker, it's good for the poker community. It just shows how good and how generous this community is.

Stress? I've been living a lot of things in my life to not be stressing. Obviously, it's a very challenging game for me. I've not been playing a lot in the past couple of year since the last Big Drop, Big One. But, I'm excited. Hopefully, a businessman will win this year.