Germany's Louis Cartarius Wins 2013 Battle of Malta

Published on 29 September 2013 by Pokerlistings 3134
The second-annual PokerListings Battle of Malta is over and Germany's Louis Cartarius is champion. Cartarius beat local poker player Konrad Abela to claim the title and €80,000. Finnish pro Laurie Pesonen finished fifth and Jukka Hilden of the infamous Dudeson stunt crew narrowly missed out on the final table. Check out the daily highlight video for all the action!
Kara: This is the final day of the 2013 Battle of Malta. Today we crown a champion. Over the first 3 days of the Battle of Malta, we slashed an enormous field of 888 players down to just 24. A long line of players had already been paid and everyone still left in had their sights set squarely on the trophy, the title, and the €80,000 first place prize. As the hours pass, players from around the world fell one by one including the biggest names still left in. Jukka Dudeson. The most experienced player of the infamous Finnish stunt crew, The Dudesons, got his day started by ordering a tray of 20 beers and he road that way all the way to a 17th place finish.

Jukka: I got to start from the beginning. First of all, I've enjoyed here in Malta. It's been such a great blast: rock-in-roll lifestyle, great parties, going out cliff jumping, wakeboarding, sunshine, girls, great parties, and good poker. So I know I made it all the way in the end. Nobody expected that. Not even me. So those are good times. Unfortunately today I busted out. I had a bad beat first, and then after that, I couldn't get my head straight again because I had a hard time focusing. So after that, I had to make some moves to get my stack a little bigger and just laughed it off.

I think the other players can actually focus on the game more now that I'm not hassling around. But I like it because it's a fun social game, and I like to have fun with the table, "Where are you from? What's going on?" and all that. It was fun while it lasted.

Kara: This tournament's breakneck pace didn't let up for a second. And just a few levels later, we had our final table. Headlining the final nine in terms of experience was another Finn, Lauri Pesonen. Right now, Pesonen is second on the Global Poker Index for Finland, and he said that although he's always driven to win, coming to the Battle of Malta was about more than just poker.

Lauri: I used to live in Malta for a year back in 2009, and I've been going to pretty much every tournament they have here in Malta. So it's just been a holiday for me. I have my girlfriend with me here, so it's combined with holiday and just having fun with friends.

Kara: Pesonen ended up going out in fifth. And just a few eliminations later, it came down to Germany's Louis Cartarius and Malta's Konrad Abela. After just a few skirmishes, Abela found himself all in with Ace-Jack against Ace-Queen. A Jack hit the flop but a Queen on the turn ended it all. Cartarius was officially named the 2013 Battle of Malta champion, earning himself the biggest payday of his career.

Thank you, everyone, for joining us and making this such an enormous success. On behalf of PokerListings and all of our online partners, I would like to congratulate the 2013 champion of The Battle of Malta, Louis Cartarius. Congratulations.

Louis: Thank you.


Kara: Lewis is the second ever champion here at The Battle of Malta. Talk to me about what it means to have a trophy and a title.

Louis: It's good. It's my biggest life score so far, and it's my biggest tournament cash as well. What can I say? I'm glad, of course.

Kara: This tournament, I think, prides itself on not just being about serious poker but also a lot of fun. There's a little rumor that you might have almost fallen asleep at the end of the day yesterday. What was that about?

Louis: Yeah, we'd been partying at Friday night until 8 in the morning. So I even got a bit late to Day 2 and almost [inaudible 0:04:44] but here we are.

Kara: Well, it seemed to work out for you. Going forward, you have more tournaments on the horizon. And will you come back to The Battle of Malta?

Louis: Yeah, I guess I have to come back now, but I would anyway. It's been a nice trip as well. Malta is really great.

Kara: So, Louis, talk to me about your poker background and where you're from.

Louis: I'm from Germany from Frankfurt. My poker background is I played poker since 2009, and my main game now is heads-up hyper turbos. That's what I'm playing most. I'm starting to play a bit more live tournaments now. And after that, again I guess even more.

Kara: This seems like a pretty good sign to continue playing live tournaments.

Louis: Yeah, it definitely caught my interest now.

Kara: Congratulations.

Louis: Thank you


Man: All right, big congratulations on behalf of PokerListings, €80,000, spend it wisely, Welcome back next year.


Kara: The second ever PokerListings Battle of Malta is in the books, and all we can do is think about how we're going to make next year's event even better.