Full Tilt's Dermot Blain Takes on 2014 Battle of Malta

Published on 6 November 2014 by Pokerlistings 170
Irish poker pro Dermot Blain has played major poker tournaments all over the world but this is the first time he's ever competed at the Battle of Malta. It's safe to say the Full Tilt pro is enjoying himself. Blain got to Malta early to take advantage of the weather and to go scuba diving but now that the tournament has begun he's all business. Well, maybe not all business. In addition to playing the BOM Main Event he's also considering taking on the €3,800 BOM High Roller. Blain says the low buy-in and huge prize pool is the biggest reason he came to the event, as well as checking out some of the sights he saw last time he was in Malta. Check out the video interview to get to know Dermot Blain a little better and find out what he sees in the Battle of Malta.
Yeah, I mean everyone kind of starts out the same. So, with these you've got a smaller buy in. It's not a small buy in, 500 but relative to today, nowadays it's pretty small. So, yeah you've got a shot. Maybe the first prize would 200K, which is huge, you know? So, yeah I think it's a good way to start off. You've got good experience, great structure. So yeah, it's the way to go. I've been here once before, When I got invited by PokerListings, very nice of them, I was excited to come. I actually came a few days early. I went scuba diving yesterday, it was really good.

The setup seems great. The numbers are huge. I assume the cash games are good. So, yeah everything's been great. The tables great, it's full of Scandinavians and Italians, one of them is already on the wine. I could be joining him soon, maybe. The vibe is good, it's always good here though. No, not really tilted, I just folded two jacks. One guy was making a move, another guy made a good call with ace queen, I got nine and ten. So I would've won a huge pot but you know, that happens.

Yeah, there's so much to do. Like, here's a little strip here in St. Julian's, it's really good. I remember it from before. So I obviously have the weekend, some partying. I think there's a high roller as well, which I only found out about, it's 3,800. So I'll possibly play that as well. I think I know, there's like a few different scheduled parties on every night. So, I won't be bored anyway.