Freeroll Winner Mark Mattsson Takes on Battle of Malta 2012

Published on 23 November 2012 by Pokerlistings 266
Mark Mattsson traveled all the way from Chapel Hill, North Carolina to play in the battle of Malta and he got his entire trip for free thanks to HogWildPoker. BOM host Kara Scott finds out how Mattsson convinced his wife to let him take a poker trip on Thanksgiving.
Kara: Hello, I'm Kara Scott and I'm here with someone who qualified to come and play this event, The Battle of the Malta. This is Mark Mattsson and you came from kind of far away. Tell us about that. Mark: I came from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Kara: You may actually be the person who came the farthest to get to this tournament, I think. And I hear that you qualified through kind of a writing competition. Mark: That's right. It was a Write About Your Most Memorable Poker Game, and it had to be a blog and you had to post your listings, which was fine. I'm not really a regular blogger, but I went ahead and wrote, decided to write about my most memorable poker game and they let me in and I ended up winning the tournament. Kara: Now, it's also American Thanksgiving. Mark: It is. Kara: At the moment, and you are American. So tell me how your family is doing there without you. Are you missing the turkey? Mark: I did miss the turkey, yesterday. My wife, actually I think my mother cooked the turkey because my wife is actually hosting my family this weekend. Her family couldn't make it. They're from New Jersey and they had the turkey and we saw them recently, so they didn't come down this weekend but my wife is hosting my family while I'm going off to play poker. Kara: Wow, I think you need to say thank you right now to your wife. Mark: Thank you, Gerry [SP]. Kara: Yes, thank you very much. Now, this is actually pretty far to come, all the way from North Carolina, and I think it was quite last minute for you. Mark: It was. The tournament was two weekends ago and, yeah, it was kind of a last minute thing. I got an email about a week before and said, "This would be interesting." You know, I've been playing on the site and reading Pokerlistings for a little while and thought that I'd give it a shot and I wasn't sure that they'd let me in because I'm not a professional blogger. I wasn't sure if it was just for professional bloggers, but they let me in and I ended up doing well in the tournament. Kara: Wow. Mark: I got pretty lucky. Kara: And what's it like being here in Malta for the first time? Mark: Oh, it's beautiful here. I really enjoy it. It's a nice old city and it's nice getting...I've been walking around this area. It's a beautiful area. The weather's been great. Kara: Yeah, it's not a bad holiday to just be spending a little time in Malta in November, especially North Carolina. I'm guessing it's cold, right? Mark: Yeah, it's usually chilly and a little rainy sometimes. Kara: Chilly, he's saying. Yeah, I'm guessing it's a little chillier. You're having fun, though, here? Mark: Oh, I'm having a great time, yeah. I'm doing okay. I'm actually up above my starting stack, which is good after two hours. Kara: Hey, that's better than I'm doing, I'll tell you. Well, thank you so much for talking to us. Mark: You're welcome. Kara: Good luck out there. Mark: Thank you. Kara: I'm Kara Scott. We're at the Battle of Malta.