Foosball Champ Billy Pappas Makes 2014 WSOP November Nine

Published on 15 July 2014 by Pokerlistings 2310
Billy Pappas told PokerListings he's never played a poker tournament with a buy-in bigger than $500 but thanks to a backer buying him into this event he's got a shot at the title of world champion and $10 million. If Pappas can do it he'll add that title to the five world championship of foosball titles he already has. Pappas works as a poker dealer when he's not traveling the world playing foosball and said that the $730k he's already guaranteed will change his life in a big way. We can only imagine what would happen if he won eight figures. Pappas said he was inspired to play poker when a friend turned $1 into $27,000 in two days on PokerStars. Pappas enters the November Nine final table sixth in chips and will be looking to chip up against a line-up he admits has more poker experience than him. Check out the full video interview with 2014 WSOP November Niner Billy Pappas and keep watching to start your own poker journey.
Well, what got me into poker. Honestly, my buddy played a $1 tournament on Poker Stars, he won it. Then he played the Sunday Million the next day and he turned in $27,000. So $1 to $27,000 is kind of like a little wake up call. Like, "Hey, I can spend nothing and win this amount of money." So that could change your life. $1, you know what I mean. That's what really got me in to poker. And to get me to the next level, I don't know, I still don't feel like I'm there actually, it's weird. I'm just like a poker dealer. I play recreationally. I'm not a huge player, like a pro, like these guys. I don't think I'm at that next level yet. I got a backup. I'm just fortunate enough to know someone. And so, it's not like that kind of story. I'm not going to take my one shot or anything. But yeah, even at $500, I'm nervous to play that much money. Even a $1000, I've never tried it out, because it's out of my price range, to be honest. I just got lucky enough. My buddy was pretty excited for me as well as everyone else. Which is awesome. For Foosball, is a thing I started when I was seven. It's a big passion of my life and I decided to stick with it. I'm really one of the best in the world. I don't like to say it, but it's kind of cool being the best. And I was the best for about four or five years. I was ranked number one and that's just a super accomplishment. It's cool knowing that you are one of the best in the world at anything. It's a cool thing. The money in Foosball is not there, but it is still a great passion and winning is an unbelievable feeling. But poker is a life changing experience. Even at this point, you know, at $730,000, I was cashing out and someone said, "You have $730,000 in your account." And I was like, "Is this real life? This is insane." So it's already a life changer. Now I get to pay back some people who helped me out, especially my mom. It will be awesome to just set her off for life and not have her worry anymore. I have a lot of support and friends who do a lot of things for me. I'm very fortunate with people who I have chosen to be friends. I get to help them out now. It's an amazing feeling. To be honest, competitiveness is not actually in my bones. I know it's strange, I'm not a competitive person in general. So winning would be an amazing thing. But I'm not going to feel like I lost if I don't win. To me, I feel like I've won already. I want to progress and I'm going to try to progress, but no, this is already next level for me. Winning would be completely amazing. If I take the second I'm pretty sure I would be just as happy to be honest.