Faraz Jaka Explains Crazy All-In Hand from WSOPE Main Event

Published on 21 October 2013 by Pokerlistings 1126
Faraz Jaka doubled up just before the dinner break on Day 2 of the WSOP Europe Main Event and it was anything but standard. Jaka joins PokerListings.com in the studio to explain what went down.
Faraz Jaka:... that we had Phil Ivey at our table, gone. Noah Schwarts, gone. Steinberg's brother is at our table to my right. He's got a lot of chips. So, anyway, I've started with a small stack, built up 90K, backed down to short stacks. So I start this hand with 25,000 which is about 20 big blinds. I have a seven and diamonds under the gun. I raise, call, call, call, big blind calls, and the flop comes queen, 10, 8 all diamonds so bank! Flop the nuts.

Steinberg goes ahead and leads out and he did the exact same thing about two orbits ago on a similar flop with nothing. So this time I think he's actually strong to do it again, especially in at this many players so I decide to just shove. I figured I'm going to get called here and it folds around and the dealer says that the action is to him. Steinberg calls. I flip over a seven of diamonds. He flips over a Jack three of diamonds and then I think there's, I think it's a French guy to the left of the dealer. He still has cards and we didn't realize. The dealer didn't realize either so he's like "Whoa! The action is still on me."

So it's confusing because he knows what our hands are and I got the nuts but why is he even sitting here bringing this up then calling the floor and everything when I clearly have the nuts. So he calls the floor over, and we're trying to get a decision of what happens and everyone is really confused what the action is going to be. So he's saying "What happens when I call? What happens if I raise?" And we're all pretty confused but, finally, we figured out that if he calls, then Steinberg has to call because the action doesn't stand to change but if he raises then Steinberg can take back his call. So I'm sitting there like, "All right, so I don't get screwed either way." But we're thinking, "Does this guy have a King high flush and he's trying to get value out of them or maybe he has two pair or a set or maybe he's just being an asshole?" So he sits there and tanks, and we're all like really confused, and he finally folds so the action stays the same. And he says he had a set and the board ran out another queen in on the river so if what he's saying is true, I would have lost, and I would have been out. But instead I doubled up and I got 56K and ready to run it up.