Even Great Poker Players Have to Get Lucky to Make WSOP November Nine

Published on 2 August 2016 by Pokerlistings 464
In a tournament with 6,737 players even talented, experienced players have to get lucky to make the final table. Case in point? Gordon Vayo getting all-in preflop with ace-king against pocket aces with 38 players left in the Main Event and winning. Vayo is one of the most experienced players at this year's November Nine final table. He's been a poker pro for almost ten years and has had lots of success in big tournaments online. In this video Vayo explains what it felt like to get incredibly lucky in one of the biggest spots in his career and how he was able to deal with it going forward in the Main Event. Vayo says at first he was completely thrown off his game but came to realize that the rest of the tournament was just one big freeroll. Having played so much poker in his life, Vayo said it was difficult to come to terms with getting so lucky at such a crucial point in the biggest tournament in the world. Now Vayo is guaranteed $1 million and has a chance at up to $8 million and the title of world champion when the final table reconvenes at the end of October. Check out the video to hear the story straight from Gordon Vayo himself.

With 38 players left in the WSOP Main Event, Gordon Vayo cold four-bet jammed for 30 big blinds with ace-king and was called by pocket aces. He flopped a gut-shot broadway draw and hit it on the turn to double up and go on to make the November Nine.

Gordon Vayo: On Day 6 I was a wreck. I was a nervous wreck. I beat aces with ace-king all-in pre-flop and I couldn't really come to terms with it. My mind was just completely boggled and I was so scattered I couldn't really acknowledge what happened and get back to focus.

The day ended about an hour after that, thankfully for me because I was so out of sorts. I couldn't come to terms with getting so lucky in such a huge spot. I've been playing poker for so long.

Matt Showell: Are you used to getting unlucky in huge spots?

Gordon Vayo: Not necessarily used to getting unlucky. I'm not lamenting anything like that. This is the biggest tournament in the world and I've been playing professionally for ten years now and I've never run this good in a tournament in my life. and to have it culminate ten years into my career, in the Main Event with 40 people left, to beat aces with ace-king, it was just so surreal. I'm still having a hard time coming to terms with it.

When I went home that night I was so nervous and anxious. I couldn't shed it. I was just shook about it. Then I realized, "You just got it in with ace-king against aces and won with 39 left in the Main, what do you have to be nervous about?"

It's just surreal and emotionally it's very hard to deal with because we've been playing for so long you just never expect something like this to happen and when it doesn't feel real.