Elizabeth Hille: 'No Regrets' about Bubbling 2012 Main Event Final Table

Published on 6 July 2013 by Pokerlistings 812
In 2012 Norway's Elisabeth Hille had a shot at making the biggest final table in poker, the WSOP Main Event. Tragically Hille busted in 11th place, followed by the last woman standing Gaelle Baumann who busted 10th. But Hille took home almost $600,000 and now, one year later, she says she has no regrets about narrowly missing out on a chance at $8 million.
So for last year's main event, I really wanted to play it. I couldn't really afford it though, but luckily my boyfriend made it to, I think it was 19th place in one of the other events. He had to share with me, of course. And that's how I could afford to play. I made 11th place and played for seven straight days. And it was so good.

Playing 12 straight hours for seven straight days you get really mentally tired and all the time you're trying to be focused and not be intimidated by others. You always have to try to keep your game perfect and it's really hard to just maintain that for such a long time.

I came in 11th and pretty much almost bubbled the final table, which, of course, was a little bit bitter at the time. But at the same time, I won a pretty decent amount of money and that made me have an amazing year.

So looking back at it now, there are no regrets. It was very sad last year. Both me and Gale busted 11th and 10th and nobody made the final table. I know everyone was rooting for us to make it. It would have been historical.

Even so, I got so many replies and comments from women all over the world, after the main event was over, saying how much they rooted for me and how much they were cheering. I think even though we didn't actually make the final table, it still made quite an impact.

So since last year, I got sponsored by Betfair. And basically that meant that now I could travel a whole lot more and I got to play. And I've been to so many cities and countries since last year, I can't even count it.

I don't really make too many plans for the coming year. I'm basically going to take it as it comes. I'm definitely going back to school and trying to go that path. But being able to combine that with poker would be the best way to do it.