Ebony Kenney: Model, Poker Pro, Single Mother of Two

Published on 9 July 2014 by Pokerlistings 752
When Ebony Kenney's in the room it's hard to look away. What you can't tell just by looking at her, however, is that she supports her two children by modeling and playing poker. Kenney is playing in the $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event right now in Las Vegas and she spent a few minutes with the PokerListings video team so you can get to know her a bit better. Kenney says if she makes a deep run in this event it would not only be great for her and her family, but also for poker in general. Kenney is flashy, speaks her mind and isn't afraid to challenge the status quo. Check out this video and keep watching PokerListings for the latest news and video from the 2014 World Series of Poker.
My name is Ebony Kenney, and I've been playing poker for about 12 years but professionally about 6, 7 years. I got into poker from an ex-boyfriend and I'm better than him, which is the same match, but...So yes, poker's pretty much, it was pretty much everything in my life but now I'm kind of transition into TV and hosting, something like that. So, it's still how I pay my bills. Playing poker for a living and I, when I have two children to raise and I'm a single mom, it is a little nerve-wracking. I mean, it's a lot more stressful, a lot of these kids they, and I say kids, like I enjoy the poker players, they grab and they grumble, and how they have to make ends meet and they only have themselves to provide for. So for me, it's a little added pressured but I'm lucky enough that poker is not the only thing I do. I have been able to partly poker into some modelling and some TV hosting, so that softens the blow a little bit as far as the pressure goes, but it's still a little nerve-wracking.

It's really funny like the reactions I get from people once they found out I play poker. It's, they either feel really bad for me or they think I'm like a multi-millionaire and I'm like, "Oh my God, you live like this great life". And it's like, "No, I'm still grinding." I mean, yeah, I'm lucky, I get to travel all these amazing places and meet some great people but the reactions are very polarizing so, it's interesting.

So as far as the frequency of notions about women in poker, I think I get it even stronger because I'm not afraid to be female and I'm aggressive. And I won't let anybody talk down to me, so I'm a lot to swallow. I'm a lot to handle and I realize that, so people definitely have this frequency of notion that, "Oh, she gets attention because she's a girl, she's not that great and etc.," and that's fine. Some women get offended by woman like me and I'm like, "Listen, just because you're offended by my sexuality, and like my over sexuality and whatever people, you know, however, "I'll rub you the wrong way, just because you're offended by that, doesn't make me less of a woman than you. I'm here, I show up just like you do." And someone like me would make a deep run, I'm quite controversial. So it would be good for poker, I think. All around, it's like good or bad, they're going to be talking about it, so, I would loved to.