Duhamel Excited about Poker Exploding in Australia and Quebec

Published on 12 April 2013 by Pokerlistings 876
2010 world champion Jon Duhamel is at the center of poker's exploding popularity in Montreal and he sees the same thing happening here in Australia. Duhamel is still in on Day 2 of the first ever World Series of Poker Asia Pacific main event and we caught him on the break to find out more about what the former champ is up to down under. Keep it locked on PokerListings.com for all your WSOP APAC video content.
Yeah, it's a lot of fun for me to be in Melbourne. First time in Australia, first time coming down-under, so it's a lot of fun. It was a long travel coming in, but it's definitely worth it. It feels like everyone is just real cool. Everyone is just chilling outside, so just having a lot of fun and playing some good poker.

Yeah, I think it's pretty cool to see WSOP expanding, to be a little bit everywhere. They've been in Europe, in Cannes, for the World Series Europe. Now they're coming to Australia for the first time. About the World Series, it's kind of nice with the bracelet thing. You don't want to have too many of those events, a little bit everywhere, but I think three a year is kind of good. You have one in North America, one in Europe, and now one in Australia, so it's kind of nice and it gives everyone a chance to go for that bracelet.

The main event's going pretty well for me so far. I've got a few Australian guys on my table. Those guys play a little bit crazy. I mean, there's a lot of Asians out there, so I don't know, got a lot of action, got to play a lot of bluffs, so I love it. I love it that way. You've got to make some bluffs and stuff, so it's kind of a high variance play, which fits me pretty well. So far, after two levels on day two, I have 115,000, so it's a pretty good start. I'm just looking forward to, I don't know, just get some chips and do well.

There's always a lot of things that is going to happen to you in life in general, so I think you just need to kind of learn from it and try to move forward. That's what I did with what happened to me. So, it's now been a while, been over a year and a half, so it's way passed by me, but I just use it as a learning experience. And you learn from that and you've just got to move forward and continue doing your thing. So, from my side, I just continue traveling, playing some poker, and I try to do well, so it hasn't changed that much. I just want to continue doing my things and then see what happens after.

Yeah, well, I think what happened with you also, the thing is people think we have like huge loads of money in our houses and stuff like that. I mean, when we win a tournament we don't get paid in money, it's just like a wire transfer that goes straight into your bank account. So, I don't know, it's just a general perception. I mean, I ask poker players, I guess you've got to be careful a little bit. You've got to know that those things can happen and just be careful with what you do. But at the end, I think it's not going to happen often, but yeah, you've definitely got to be careful.

Oh yeah, definitely Montreal poker is growing a lot. I mean, you have a lot more tournaments nowadays. Now two WAPT stops, so a lot of major stops. They see that people in Canada, in general, I think it's very popular. There's always a lot of people going to poker tournaments and stuff like that. So I'm pretty confident it's going to continue to go that way. In Canada, you have some big, big poker tournaments, which is fun. I mean, I love playing in Montreal. It's always a lot of fun to, for once, have your home field advantage and it's always a lot of fun being there.

Oh yeah, it's definitely always fun to be part of it. I mean, it's fun to see that there's more and more people playing. I think what happens is, a lot of Quebec poker players, which have done real nice scores of everyone on the planet for the past two or three years, so that helps. A lot of people, they see that and they want to do the same thing, so they start playing. So yeah, it's definitely cool to see that and to be part of it, and just hopefully, it's going to continue to go that way.