Doug Polk on One Drop: 'Everyone Is a Bit to a Lot Worse than Me'

Published on 30 June 2014 by Pokerlistings 834
Doug Polk, known as WCGRider online, has never been accused of being modest and judging by what he said in this interview, he likes that reputation just fine. Polk has had an amazing summer in Las Vegas, cashing for more than $880,000 so far including his first WSOP bracelet and a deep run in the $100k Bellagio High Roller event. Now Polk is playing the $1 million WSOP Big One for One Drop, and he's brimming with confidence. Polk has made his reputation playing high-stakes cash games online but has said he wants to break out into the live tournament scene. And according to Polk the best way to do that is win tournaments. It's safe to say that winning the Big One for One Drop and the $15 million first-place prize would get his name out there. Check out this interview and tune in to for the latest news and video from the 2014 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.
This isn't really the made for TV answer, but when I sit down at the one drop and buy in for million dollars, I don't really feel any different than I do when I buy in to any cash game or buy in any other tournament. I feel the same. I sit down. I play my game. I add my ranges. I do my thing. And these guys, they just make mistakes and I capitalize. I would say there were no players that I would not be looking for to playing versus because everyone is somewhere between a bit to a lot worse than I am. The motivation for coming here and playing this tournament is to win $15,000,000. So, that's my main reason. Also, to get to see some of the people that I have played a lot of poker with and take part in, I guess, the largest tournament in the world. So, there were several factors, but those would be the main ones.

This tournament, despite how many businessmen are playing, is actually still quite a tough field. I went through and watched the videos from 2012 and it's a much different proportion of pros to non-pros than it was two years ago. So, all in all, I would say that the average player is quite skilled and is probably a professional poker player. The few businessmen-types that have had at my tables seemed to play overall alright, maybe a few more glaring leaks. But, all in all, it's still a fairly tough tournament.

In order for me to break out into a live scene, I really need to be in the media and in the community in a variety of ways. I think it was the first and most important is results. Winning stuff gets noted. That's what's important.

It's also important to try to get in some different events and try to play a variety of games. Tournaments, cash games, anything I get on that's televised, talk with media, whatever it takes. So, there are several different factors that are important for me, but those would be the most important ones.

A $15,000,000 finish would be by far and away my most successful event. So, I'm definitely looking at trying to take this home. I'm not really going to go into specific details on my pieces because I would rather keep that private. But, this would still be a very substantial win for me. And, yeah, like if we look at the all-time cash list, what does first place have $20,000,000 or $22,000,000. That basically was Antonio two years ago. So, 15 would put me right up there, and frankly, I've already cash from was $2,000,000 this year. Could be looking to be a very solid year for me.

Daniel, Kate, and I have a tumultuous history of battling back and forth and either being friends or enemies. And, there's kind of a lot that's really been at play. I, personally, think that the way that he's handled some things has been unacceptable, and I think that he thinks the same of me.

I'm not really going to go into the specifics of who said what and when and why because that's not what I'm here to do. But, there certainly is some rivalry and a lot of unfortunate events have occurred.