Dominik Nitsche Bringing Experience to WSOPE Main Event Finale

Published on 25 October 2013 by Pokerlistings 666
German pro Dominik Nitsche already has a WSOP bracelet but he told that winning his second in the WSOPE Main Event would be even sweeter. Nitsche is at the final table gunning for the €1 million first-place prize and he took a few minutes to speak about it to
Right now we just lost two players really quickly, so I wasn't expecting that going into the day, I just a had strategy like, I knew who was gonna be on my right, I knew who was gonna be on my left. So obviously, I made a game plan yesterday on the day of, I looked at every player, everything I could find out about them, and then I said I would set strategy against them.

I went through level works, like what if Benny gets chips, and like, how's the table gonna change? And actually I must say, I didn't prepare for this exact scenario where Jerome doubled and Benny just busts immediately. That just makes for like an interesting dynamic. I'm not entirely sure how I'm gonna play this.

Right now, we're four left and the [inaudible 00:00:40] are starting to get really big. So yeah, it's a tough final four with Jerome who is playing really well today. He made a very great call against Benny. There's Adrian who's been amazing all tournament, Fabrice, obviously sick player everyone knows that.

So yeah, all in all it's gonna be tough and I just hope to play my best and if I play my best, then I have a shot at this. I know the best is always speed. Winning, this one would obviously be way more special because it's such a huge tournament, like one million euros for first, not a lot of tournaments come with a one million euro prize, right?

So yeah, that's actually one of the biggest tournaments in the world and like doing it against such a tough field, like these three, that'd be amazing, and. . . But I hope I get a chance to play for it, you know? Like if we keep playing with these decks, I feel like I'm more experienced than them, and then hopefully I can use that to my advantage.