Devilfish: 'Get Off Your Laptops and Get Out There and Live'

Published on 21 October 2013 by Pokerlistings 1024
David "Devilfish" Ulliott has been around the block and he's learned a thing or two about life. Ulliott just had his eighth child and after taking a year off from poker he's back at the felt. Ulliott spoke with at WSOP Europe to impart a few life lessons on the new generation of poker players.
I got kicked out of home when I was round about 16, 15 so I just got in with the wrong crowd, I guess. But as you know, it probably always a good make up for the lifestyle I had because, then I start going on to other...I started beating everybody in hold on stud games. Then I started going in bigger circles Leeds, Bramford, Nottingham and with a gun in the pocket. Some pretty awesome experiences, I promise you.

I was on a final table about two years ago in London and it was me and five Scandinavian young kids. The TV camera came over and says to me "Devilfish, what do you think to these young guns?" I looked at him and I said "Well, I can out fight them, out fuck them, out think them, out drink them, out sing them and I'll bling them. Just right off the top of the book. And it was quite good they loved it.

They to sit next to you in the cafe on the breaks [inaudible 00:00:56] and this is what their life is. They gotta get out there because life passes you by pretty quick, don't you know? They've gotta get out there and get off them laptops and get out there and live. A lot of stuff to be done out there. Not just sit on a computer. But anyway, yeah, like you say most of them couldn't tell you a good story because they ain't got any.

And the good thing when I'm having a really bad day. . .I've had some bad experiences you know [inaudible 00:01:28] in prison and the punishment block. When you've got bad stuff like that to think back on, it can never be that bad a life, can it. You're not losing your chips. Even Phil Hellmuth he's never had this stuff. He's got nothing to look back on that was really grim, I would imagine. Where he could think "You know what, I'm a lucky guy".

I mean I once sat next to Shane Warne, the cricketer, and I said that to him. He'd just cracked my two kings with his two queens and he apologized and I said, "It's okay. You had a legitimate hand. It's just one of them things." Like I said, "We're both lucky guys. It's just poker."