David Einhorn Busts $1m Big One for One Drop in Under One Hour

Published on 29 June 2014 by Pokerlistings 538

David Einhorn was eliminated from the $1 million buy-in WSOP Big One for One Drop in less than an hour which is a shame since he told PokerListings.com he had pledged 100% of any winnings to charity. In 2012 Einhorn finished 3rd in this event for over $4.35 million and donated it all to City Year, an organization that helps under-privileged inner-city children. This year he was playing for the Robin Hood Foundation but sadly busted out without earning any money. On the bright side, 11% of Einhorn's, and every other player in the Big One for One Drop, goes straight to charity. Check out the video to hear a very inspirational person speak and keep watching PokerListings.com for all the latest news and video from the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

I'm just really excited to be here. This is just a special thing that I get to do for my summer vacation. I said that last time, and I get to maybe get lucky and help out a great cause. But no matter how it goes, I know I'm going to have a lot of fun because I get the setup and play a poker tournament with many of the very best players in the world. How many things are there where you can actually get to do that?

Terrific. Two years ago I finished third, and I won a bunch and I gave it all to Sydia[sp], which is an organization that, actually, now I have joined the board of them and we've really been supporters of in a very big way. What they do is they put teams of ten to a dozen, or so, young people into the schools to help the school culture, to cheer on the kids, to help in the classroom, to help on the playground, to help in the lunchroom, to bring up the morale of the school so that the kids have a better chance to want to come to school and to get through their education and to get onto high school. These are mostly middle schools.

This year it's Robin Hood. Robin Hood, it's on the hat, got it there. I even got sunglasses of the Robin Hood Green here. I'm really excited about. Robin Hood is a poverty fighting charity in New York City. It's one of the larger ones, I've been supporting it for many, many years. I'm actually the vice chairman of Robin Hood. It's just a privilege to be lucky enough always to be able to support Robin Hood, but to be able to do it in a format like this. It's like combining two good things you want.