Daniel Negreanu: WSOP Bracelets Will Bring the Pros to WSOP APAC

Published on 5 April 2013 by Pokerlistings 1148
Poker superstar Daniel Negreanu is in Melbourne for the first ever World Series of Poker Asia Pacific and according to Kid Poker, the chance of winning a WSOP bracelet is going to attract big-name poker pros from all over the world.
Well for sure I think the fact that we are playing for bracelets in Australia is going to bring a lot of players who likely wouldn't have come otherwise. These events also count for player of the year points, so for those people who you know are trying to win that, they're gonna come early.

The event has always has done well because of the Aussie millions in January. This is a unique time frame, and we have never really had a big event in April in Australia. But I think its great for poker in Australia, good for the whole world too. One of the things I've talked with High Stewart and the rest about is the World Series Brand has to be protected, in that we don't want this to become a tour that's global, where we just have fifteen stops and it's like the world poker tour, cause then it does devalue the whole sense of the bracelet. But we have one world series in Europe, one Australia, I think if you stop there we're doing okay, 'cause there's really no other part of the world that is ready for something like this.

I don't really know that the Asian Pacific deserves to have World Series events, but I think that it's worth a try to see how it works and also, based on the attendance of the Aussie millions in such like large group of population here, it certainly is going to fill... The seats will be full and so far we've seen they've had a pretty good turn-up.

I don't think there's been anything specific about Australian poker players that sets them apart from the rest. I mean you know, you could talk about the Scandies being super aggressive and what not. But with the Aussie's, you know, they're much like the Americans or Canadians who are all part of the big commonwealth. Or not the Americans, I forget, I didn't go to finish high school, I don't know Geography.

The big question is what are the numbers gonna look like, I don't really know the answer to that, based on how things are looking... When I came through the border, you know the lady says, "Well, there's a lot of you coming for this thing" For you know the poker players, so that bodes well for the event. I would imagine that it's gonna be more than a one year thing, but really it's just gonna depend on how things go the first year here.