Daniel Negreanu Wins WSOPE High Roller, Sixth Bracelet

Published on 24 October 2013 by Pokerlistings 5680
Tonight in Paris Daniel Negreanu took down the WSOP Europe High Roller event and secured his sixth gold bracelet. Negreanu defeated Brazil's Nicolau Villa-Lobos to win €725,000 and he speaks to PokerListings.com moments after the win.
Daniel: My intention was to win the event. When I bought into the tournament, my intention was to win the event. That sort of got a little muffled when I got close to the spot where all of sudden, I got player of the year award and I got the bracelet. But I thought to myself, "You know what? I'm gonna worry about step one. Just lock up player of the year and then I'm just going to win." And I still believed. Everyone was laughing "Oh, you did good player of the year. Now let someone else have the bracelet." In my mind I was like "No! No I'm just going to win it."

Well, I pride myself on being able to adapt to playing against weak players and also strong players. And it's a different type of poker that you have to play. And I've got wins in the fields where maybe they were soft and I got some wins in tougher fields. I enjoy playing against the tough guys. It brings out my A game. And this was certainly a tough final two table. It was crazy. Like all really top professional poker players. So, yeah the feather in my cap. Of course, there's people who talk about your game. "You're over the hill." "You're this or that" I think "Really?" It just motivates me. I don't take it personal. It just inspires me to just prove them wrong year in and year out.

Well, my goal's always been to be like number one at everything, number one player of the year, number one bracelet guy, number one... Whenever there's a list that I'm not number one on, that's one of my goals. Phil Ivey is up there with a bunch of bracelets. I've always felt like I should have about six or seven by now. So I'm glad to see that I'm on the right track winning two this year.

Well, my life away from the table is one of the reasons that I'm doing so well at the table. And I'm pretty much in the best place I've ever been. Just being self-aware. Yes, I'm going to be arrogant. Yes, I'm going to be a jerk. Yes, I'm going to have to breakdowns where I'm going to make mistakes. But I'm much more leery of how to snap out of it and get back on track.

Well, money has never been the driving force behind why I play this game. And it never was when I didn't have any, and it isn't now. As far as where my life goes, I'm really proud of my accomplishments and my career. I'd still like to win the main event. I'm always going to be around. There's no place I'd rather be than at the World Series of Poker. But I would like to start a family. You know I'm getting to... kid poker. I'm 39. It's about time to have real kid pokers running around. So that's in the cards I guess, hopefully. And that's my next plan, win poker tournaments and teach my little kids how to play and win tournaments in 2050.

Man 1: River card. It's the three of clubs.