Daniel Negreanu Going for Fifth WSOP Gold Bracelet

Published on 15 April 2013 by Pokerlistings 2876
Daniel Negreanu is no stranger to WSOP final tables and he's got a commanding lead at the 2013 WSOP Asia Pacific Main Event. This also marks the third consecutive main event he's cashed in, including Las Vegas and WSOP Europe. And if Kid Poker can close out this tournament he'll earn his fifth WSOP gold bracelet.
I'm having fun, you know. Bottom line, when you play poker, you play poker for a living, but you also want to have fun. And I'm having fun, really. And I'm just focusing my intention here, is to have fun. Winning is fun. Having a million bucks in your pocket is really, really fun. But that's like the end goal. Right now, I'm just trying to enjoy it.

Well, I think the biggest thing...actually, I've cashed into three straight mains, the main event in Vegas, the main event in Europe, and the main event here. The biggest difference, 90 minute levels, really slow structure, you have all the levels that really benefit someone like me. But I like to see some flops, and it gives me a lot more leeway to do a lot more of the things that I like to do that really sort of suit my style.

You know, I think in Australia, you have a little bit of both. You have some really great young players, and you have some veterans who are really solid. And then you've got a lot of players who are new. Because this is an emerging market, poker is really starting to grow here. So there's a real combination of both, you've got some really experienced players and some really solid, tough players.

Well, I tell you what, Phil Ivey won a bracelet. I might win one. I'd say overall, when we talk this year about positive headlines for poker, that will qualify. I think expanding the game globally is a good thing. We've gone to Europe, we've gone to...I think that's where we need to stop. We don't want to create the World Series of Poker tour. It just needs to be limited to these three, and I think that's plenty. Because you want to make sure that all the top players come to all the events.

Yes, I don't know much about it but I think for all intents and purposes, it's been an absolute success. The locals came out to play, the field sizes were good, and it was the first here. I think, once it's more established, you'll see more and more people come year after year.