Cricket Legend Shane Warne Juggles Poker, Travel, Family

Published on 20 October 2013 by Pokerlistings 260
Cricket legend Shane Warne lives a hectic life. He's got three kids, a fiancee, a sponsorship deal with 888poker and he flies around the world to play in major poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker Europe in Paris. caught him after he busted out of the 2013 WSOPE Main Event to find out how me makes it all work.
Yeah, it was disappointing to get knocked out of Day 1A in the Main Event here in WSOP Europe. I sort of played pretty well for most of the day, but I got pretty . . . I got counterfeited a couple of times on the river. I had couple shockers the way the cards fell. I got down and got short stacked again. I had Ace, Queen late position, I raised, it was a re-raised, raised. Got all my chips in on a board that says, goes Queen, nine, two, rainbow. I had Ace, Queen and ran into King so that was it. You know tail between the legs and off you go.

Go and sulk, and kick the chair in your room and kick the cat when there was no cat. So I had to find something else to kick. So yeah, I just sulked in my room all night, which was pretty cool. And then had to answer work emails. So it was a wonderful day. Yes, I had a fantastic evening.

Yeah, we are a happy family at 888. You know, 888 had put on a fantastic event. So but they always look after its players well. And you know over the last few years, it's sort of grown the family. There was sort of myself at the start, and then we had Sam Holden, and then now it's gone... You know, we've got Jackie Glazier, we've got so many other people; we've got Jay. There's lots.

It's a great happy family. Everyone looks after each other and we do support each other. You know, we're sitting there in support, and if someone goes deep, we'll be there all cheering on and wishing them luck.

Yes, I do love poker. I love being captain of the 888 team. I love playing the tournaments. I'd love to play more.

My schedule's obviously quite difficult with my charity work for the Shane Warne Foundation which we raise money for seriously ill and underprivileged children. We're up over $7 million so far.

And in the Australian summer coming up, December and January, we've got a lot of events coming up, so juggling all of that as well as my cricket commitment, still being involved in different levels.

Being a father is the most important thing in my life, you know, and I see the kids for probably 150, 160 days a year, half the year. Juggling all the work commitments there's a lot flying. I'm a human frequent flier, point for that. But they enjoy that lifestyle. It gives them good time with their mom and their friends back in Australia. And they also get the chance to travel wherever I am.

In conjunction with 888 and myself, the Shane Warne Deep Stack, we do it at Crown. I think it's November 28, or early December, 888 we're killing it in Australia which is fantastic and it's great value for people.

The point is to come in. So they can log online and check it out and register. You know, they can come down to Australia and hang in there for a couple of months. Do a Christmas in the sunshine and then to play in Aussie Millions as well. So it's great opportunity for everybody, and it's great to have your own tournament and it's good value for people too. They get plenty of chips and plenty of time to play.