Chris Lindh Crushing his Way to Deep WSOP Main Event Run

Published on 13 July 2013 by Pokerlistings 712
New York native Chris Lindh used to work in finance and was employed by Bear Stearn before they went belly-up. For the last few years Lindh has been making his living playing poker and now he's embroiled in the biggest tournament run of his life. Lindh is still alive with 100 players left in the WSOP 2013 Main Event. It couldn't have come at a better time since Lindh's car broke down on his way to the Rio yesterday. He tells how he might just leave it in the parking lot and go buy a new one if he goes super deep.
I'm from Upstate New York and basically I started playing poker... There wasn't much to do in high school, middle school, so I started playing with a bunch of my friends, and we played pretty much every night, sometimes for 24 hours straight. And then I went to school in Boston, got my degree in finance, and then I went to work in finance in New York City. I was working for Bear Stearns. It was an investment bank, which unfortunately went under, but it could be fortunate that I'm here now. I continued playing poker while I was working in New York City. I would go down to Atlantic City, play on the weekends. I was playing before Black Friday, but I wasn't playing too much online. I was mostly playing MTTs here and there on Sundays, no cash. I was mostly a tournament grinder on the live circuit, which is like such a grind these days with expenses, and airfare, hotels, and stuff.

Yeah, I'm just grinding cash games out here. I moved out here with my now ex-girlfriend about three years ago. She was going to bartend and I was going to be here, playing poker. It seemed like the perfect place to be. And I'm still here. I'm pretty good friends with Jesse Sylvia, so when 888 approached me, it seemed like something that was kind of a no-brainer. We can be friends and potentially be on the same team.

Yeah, for sure I've put in my time. I've been grinding cash for a while, and when I have over 100 bigs it's just like playing cash, so I've had it almost the whole tournament. Let's just continue that. It's like a big cash game. I've played the Main Event, this is the fourth year in a row. I'm pretty sure I've made day three every year, so this is my first cash, which feels good. Obviously, every poker player has probably dreamed about getting to this point, but not that many have. It actually doesn't feel that surreal to me. I've been sort of expecting it the whole way through. I've had like a top 10% stack almost every day. I'm just hoping to continue that on through November.

It's definitely going to change my lifestyle. One story that I could tell that not too many people know at this point because I was keeping it a secret was, my beater car that I bought while in Vegas actually died yesterday on the way back from dinner break. It was smoking everywhere, it was rattling, and I barely made it back into the Rio parking lot. But now, I think I'll upgrade it, so I might just leave it in the parking lot. We'll see.