Cate Hall Sweeps Mike Dentale in $30k Heads-Up Poker Grudge-Match

Published on 20 March 2017 by Pokerlistings 590

What started as a Twitter feud between a feminist and a jacked poker bro ended with Mike Dentale taking a $30,000 beating courtesy of Cate Hall.

The two poker pros went heads-up for a best-of-three sit-and-go battle with $15,000 on the line for each match and, thanks to solid play and a run of good cards, Hall was able to sweep the first two matches.

It all played out at the Sugarhouse Casino in Philadelphia as part of the TV poker show Poker Night in America and the live stream on Twitch drew an audience of tens of thousands.

The consensus was that even though Dentale had a terrible run of cards, he didn't play particularly well either. Fellow poker pros Doug Polk and Shaun Deeb provided live commentary with Deeb taking a few shots at Dentale in the post-game interview.

It all began back in December when Dentale criticized Hall's poker play on Twitter, picking on a hand she played at the final table of a televised World Poker Tour event.

Things quickly escalated with Hall issuing a heads-up challenge and Dentale accepting. Now, just over three months later, Hall is $30,000 richer as a result.

Cate Hall crushed east-coast poker pro Mike Dentale this weekend in a much-anticipated $30,000 heads-up grudge match.

Hall sweeping the first two matches of the best-of-three sit-and-go format which played out at the Sugarhouse Casino in Philadelphia as part of the Poker Night in America television show.

The match was streamed live on Twitch to an audience of tens of thousands with Shaun Deeb and Doug Polk providing live commentary.

The match was also designed to raise money for charity with Hall playing for the Committee to Protect Journalists and Dentale representing Community Volunteers in Medecine, a free clinic for low-income families in Philadelphia.

Thanks in large part to a very good run of cards, Hall completely ran over Dentale.

She finished out the second match by flopping a set against Dentale's top pair, getting all-in and going on to make quads.

That said, the consensus is that in addition to receiving very poor cards, Dentale also made significant mistakes.

Cate Hall tweeted after the match: “Who wants next?”

Hall, who earned undergraduate degrees in biochemistry and philosophy before going to law school, left a lucrative job with a firm in Washington DC to become a professional poker player.

Since then she's cashed 43 times in live tournaments and racked up almost $900,000 in earnings.

The feud that led to yesterday's match began when Dentale criticized the way Hall played a televised hand at the final table of a World Poker Tour event.

Things escalated between the two on Twitter and Hall challenged Dentale to play:

Cate Hall tweeted: “Bro, you do a lot of talking. If you want to play heads-up tonight or any other time, I'm game.”

That was on December 7 and now, just over three months later, Cate Hall is $30,000 richer as a result.

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