Brendan Doogan Qualified for Battle of Malta for 1 Cent

Published on 8 November 2014 by Pokerlistings 274
Scotsman Brendan Doogan has been playing low-stakes online poker for years and decided to take a shot at the step-satellites for Battle of Malta on 888poker, starting at just 1 cent. He fought his way through six different qualifiers to win his BOM package and managed to cash in the Main Event for €1,250. Doogan says he's had a blast and he'll be playing tons more qualifiers in the future. Check out his conversation with BOM Host Maria Ho to hear more about his incredible journey. Stay tuned to for more video updates from the 2014 Battle of Malta.
Maria: Hi. I'm Maria Ho and we're at the Battle of Malta and the bubble just burst. And standing next to me is a guy who's pretty happy that he's in the money right now, Brandon Duggan, who actually qualified on 888 for one cent. He went up in the satellites and just kept going until he found himself right here next to me.

Brendan: Yes, I'm settling six tournaments, you know I'm here. Happy days.

Maria: So this is actually your 7th tournament in a week probably, but now you're in the money. So you probably have the highest ROI of anybody here. So I heard you are a little bit short stacked with about 10,000 but you it eked in and there's still plenty of time to double up. So can you kind of tell me about how your first tournament experience has been?

Brendan: Absolutely amazing, and the money, very good odds. Chip and the chair is all you need. I have been down on one chip before and this tournament is slow here. So here's hoping we can keep on going.

Maria: Well, I think everyone would love to hear about kind of how you got your start in poker and how you decided, "Well, I'm going to try this one cent satellite and try to get to Malta and into this amazing event."

Brendan: I've been online poker for quite a few years and my game is actually one of my higher [inaudible 00:01:23] prefer like the Texas Hold'em. Short stack in the bunk, qualifies were going for a penny, looked good to me, that was the first one that continued on. Six tournaments later, here we are. It has been fun and I think I'll play a lot more qualifiers from now on, especially 888. I'd say what a lovely privilege, a lovely stay here. It has been amazing.

Maria: Being that this is the biggest turnout we've seen at the Battle of Malta and first place is over a 140,000 euros. Can you kind of tell me what that would mean to you and what kind of personal freedoms you would gain from winning this event?

Brendan: It would mean a lot to me. I think it would mean a lot more to my lovely wife and my children. My children, I promised I'm going to go up this money to the Disney Land. So that'll be one of the main things and will also would go well towards a new house. It would be lovely. Life changing money for myself. I'm a low stakes poker player. So yes, that would make a big difference.

Maria: And that's kind of what poker is about, it's making people's dreams come true.