Brandon Steven: 'The Money's Great But I'm Here for the Bracelet'

Published on 30 June 2014 by Pokerlistings 196
This is Brandon Steven's second time playing the $1 million WSOP Big One for One Drop and once again he's pledging his winnings to charity. The businessman from Wichita, Kansas, finished seventh in the $111,111 One Drop High Roller last year and bubbled the final table of the 2006 WSOP Main Event. Steven said in this interview that he's been very fortunate to win a lot playing poker but it's the bracelet that he's really playing for. Check out for all the latest news and videos from the 2014 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.
It's a little similar. I didn't ask anybody else that didn't participate the first year and a couple of people dropped out and so I have a little bigger piece to myself. But when I win I generally give to different charities. So like last year when I final tabled the 100k I gave a lot to charity. That's awesome, that's a lot of fun.

I don't think there's anything more comfortable than a top pro. You have to root for Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, you know, they have to be a favorite. There's just not a way they're not a favorite, Scott Seiver. The stakes don't bother them, they are not fazed by that much money, but the middle of the line pros probably are fazed a little bit. But these guys they figure stuff out. We're competitors. We want to win. When we lose we get upset and we like to learn so we learn from our mistakes I think. I hope.

The money is there. I'm here to win the bracelet. The money is great, don't get me wrong. I'm fortunate where I've made a lot of money at poker, but I'm here for the bracelet.