BOM Highlights Day 2: Bubble Bursts, Quest for a Champion Begins

Published on 8 November 2014 by Pokerlistings 1678
261 players returned to the felt for Day 2 of the 2014 Battle of Malta and with 170 getting paid it didn't take long before we found ourselves on the bubble with a shortstack all-in and at risk. Check out the daily BOM Highlights show featuring Maria Ho to see the bubble hand, plus footage from the packed BOM VIP Player Party at the Villa at Le Meridien overlooking the Mediterranean. Day 2 finished with 35 players and tomorrow we'll be playing down to a champion. €141,000 is on the line for first, plus one of the coolest trophies we've ever seen, so it's safe to say the remaining players will be battling hard when they hit the felt. Check out the highlight video for a taste of the action and stay tuned to tomorrow to find out who becomes the 2014 Battle of Malta champion!
Maria Ho: Welcome back. It's day two here at the Battle of Malta and the final numbers are in. We've 1,447 total entries, which means over 700,000 Euros in the prize pool.

Only 261 players made it through to day two, all fighting for one of the 170 spots that got paid. It only took a few levels before we found ourselves on the bubble with a short stack all in.

Male: Bubble please show your cards. Bubble shows Jack of clubs and three of clubs. Player shows Queen of diamonds and Jack of hearts. [inaudible 01:06] last is the River. Ladies and gentlemen, the River is the Queen of spades. Full house for Lupesh. And that's it everyone here is all in the money!

Maria Ho: As the remaining players battle for a spot at tomorrow's final table, the rest of us took a short walk over to VIP player party at the beautiful La Meridia, overlooking the Mediterranean. You could check back tomorrow, for the full video. But for now, here's a little taste just to hold you over.

Tomorrow is gonna be a big day and by the end of the night, we'll have crowned our 2014 Battle of Malta champion. 141,000 Euros is on the line for first, not to mention the coolest trophy in poker.

Check back for more video updates, on all of the action.