BOM Highlights Day 1B: 1,447 Players Build €700k Prize Pool

Published on 7 November 2014 by Pokerlistings 960
The second Day 1 flight is done at the 2014 Battle of Malta and with a final count of 1,447 entries it's officially re-set the record for the biggest poker tournament ever held in Malta. It also crushed the €500k guarantee by over 40 per cent. Check out the daily highlight video featuring BOM Host Maria Ho and tons of up-close footage straight from the Battle of Malta. We spoke to poker players from all over Europe and we also attended the BOM Hilton Cocktail Party that went down last night right next door to the casino. Tomorrow we'll be playing down to the final table and you can follow all the action with videos, news, interviews and photos on
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Maria: Welcome back! It is day one B and we have officially broken our own record for biggest poker tournament ever held in Malta.

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Maria: The official prize pool for the main event will be up tonight on but it is safe to say it is going to be enormous. We spoke to a few players to see how excited they are about playing in the biggest poker event in Malta's history.

Yostine: Well my name is Yostine[SP] and I'm from Norway.

Johan: I'm from Sweden and my name is Johan.

Alamotis: My name is Alamotis [SP] and I'm from Norway.

Hegeninegaard: I am Hegeninegaard [SP] and I'm from Norway, too.

Elowan: My name is Elowan Grofban [SP] and I'm from Israel.

Peggy: Im Peggy Sostraff [SP]. I'm from Norway.

Q: Are you excited about the prize pool? It's pretty big, I mean we knew it was going to be big but I think it's even bigger.

Elowan: Yeah, actually it's my first tournament, my first real tournament ever. I'm pretty excited. I like the tournament schedule.

Johan: I like this tournament very much and I enjoy it every time I'm here.

Yostine: I mean, I've played it the last two years and it is getting bigger and bigger every for year. It is very good.

Peggy: Yea, I won a package through BetSafe so I'm kinda feeling this tournament. It's really cool to play a large international tournament.

Hegeninegaard: Pretty much, we are going to win it. Yea, It is going to be good. We are going to party it up tonight.

Alamotis and Hegeninegaard: In it to win it.

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Maria: So like we've been saying, there is more to the battle of Malta than just poker. Last night, we promised you a look at our first bomb player party and we like to keep our promises around here.

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Maria: Tomorrow, we'll be playing down at the final table of the main event as well as kicking off our grand master high roller and a ton of other smaller side events. So check back on for more updates on all the action.

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