Battle of Malta Day 2 Update with Kara Scott 2012

Published on 24 November 2012 by Pokerlistings 1224
Day 2 of the Battle of Malta saw the field cut down to the final 16 and event host Kara Scott is here to give you an inside look at the action. Kara takes you inside the Battle of Malta and speaks with high-stakes online legend Dan "Jungleman" Cates who came down to Malta to play in the event.
Kara: Welcome back and get ready for day two of the Battle of Malta. Today all the players who made it through their day one flights will be fighting it out for a spot at the first ever Battle of Malta final table. It's day two here at the Portomaso Casino, and things are getting serious. One hundred and sixty-five players took to the felt today, all fighting for one of those 45 spots that get paid. We reached the money right before the dinner break, with Almani Mohamed earning this dubious honor of bubble boy. He ran ace, queen into queens all in preflop and became the last person in this tournament not to get paid. Unfortunately, I also busted short of the money but I didn't feel so bad because just one level later, I was joined on the rail by high-stakes online legend, Dan "Jungleman" Cates. And while the buy-in was a little lower than he's used to, it turns out that Cates had plenty of reasons to come to Malta and play a €500 tournament. Hello! I am Kara Scott here at the Battle of Malta and I have Dan "Jungleman" Cates here with me. Who's actually playing in this event which is great. It was amazing to see you come down here and play this. You know, you've played on line 500, 1,000, so the buy-in here is basically a small blind. What's it like to play at this level? Dan: It's interesting, you can tell some subtle differences between this tournament and, say, a tournament at an EPT, like, a $5,000 buy-in or whatever. I decided to play partly because...well, I know some people here. And I also have never actually been to Malta. So, I thought, "What the hell? Why not come here and see the island and play a tournament in the meantime?" Kara: So it was also Malta itself that was part of the draw for you? Dan: Yeah, even though Malta normally is kind of like not that unique of a spot to go to. But in this case it just seemed like a good idea. I have to say, I think this island is completely insane. Kara: Tell me why. Dan: I don't know, I've just met so many crazy people. It seems like the culture is so similar to like...there's just so much like Vegas-esque undertones to, like, nightlife. And like every day you can party and stuff. It's reminding me way too much of Vegas, basically. Kara: Really? See I never got that. I need to hang out more with you, because I totally didn't get that about Malta. We're all finished with day two, but you can join us tomorrow for the final table. And it's another beautiful evening here in Malta. So I think I'm going to enjoy it and take a little walk. I'll see you tomorrow.