Battle of Malta Day 1B 2012 Update with Kara Scott

Published on 23 November 2012 by Pokerlistings 750
Battle of Malta host Kara Scott brings us up to speed on all the action from Day 1B of's first ever live tournament. Kara played today as well as hosted and managed to make it through to Day 2. She also spoke with American freeroll winner Don Ford about the 24-hour last-minute trip that got him here five minutes before the announcement of shuffle up and deal!
Kara: Welcome back. It's day 1B, here at the Battle of Malta. Join us today as the second batch of day one players take their shot at the first ever Battle of Malta title. Day 1B is almost over here at the Portomaso Casino, and with 349 runners taking on the Battle of Malta, we're happy to say that we have blown right by the 150k guarantee. As the field's getting smaller, things are starting to take shape, and everyone has their sights set on the €35,000 first place prize. People were having fun at the tales. And I should know, I finally got a chance to sit down and play some poker myself. My table was really friendly, full of lots of different Europeans from all over Europe, and everyone had a story to tell, both from on and off the felt. Most of the people here are European, but we have two players who came all the way from America for their shot at the first ever Battle of Malta title. Don Ford won his seat here through the Mirror UK newspaper, and caught a last minutes flight from St. Louis. Mark Matson from North Carolina, he convinced his wife to let him come all the way here on Thanksgiving weekend to play some poker. Don Ford managed to come here at the very last second to play the Battle of Malta, all the way from southern Illinois. You told me you got in like 10 minutes before it started today? Don: That's right. My flight got in. In a little bit less than an hour, got from the airport to the hotel and here to the casino, and got here with about five minutes to spare. So I was happy to get there for that first hand. Kara: And a friend of yours actually won the seat, right? But his wife was really pregnant, he wasn't able to use it. Tell us the story. Don: That's right. My friend, Michael, actually won the seat, and his wife was very pregnant, so he transferred it to me. And it was kind of a last minute thing, and I arranged the flight and got here. So I was very thankful for him to actually think of me, to send this to me, and I'm very glad to be here. Kara: And this is not just your first time in Malta, but your first time in Europe, so are you excited? Don: Yeah, my first time in Europe, so that kind of makes the trip totally worth it, you know? Win or lose today, I've had a pretty good, solid day so far, hopefully make it to day two after these next few blind levels, and just enjoy being here in Europe. Kara: And after a 24 hour trip, getting you here 10 minutes before the tournament started, you're probably going to sleep pretty well tonight. Don: Yeah, I actually haven't had any sleep yet, so I'm going to sleep very well tonight. But I'll sleep a lot better if I can get a double up in these next two rounds. Kara: Okay, well good luck. Thank you. Don: Thank you. Kara: Day 1B of Battle of Malta is over, and now it's time to party over here at Level 22 with the VIPs. Actually, I don't really need this anymore, so I'm off. I'll see you guys tomorrow.