Battle of Malta Day 1A 2012 Update

Published on 22 November 2012 by Pokerlistings 886

The first day of's first ever live poker tournament is over and we're wrapping things up with a video update from event host Kara Scott. Kara gives you a taste of what it's like to play poker in Malta and speaks to former Malta local Gaelle Baumann who also happened to finish 10th in this year's WSOP Main Event. Let Kara show you what the Battle of Malta's all about and make sure to follow all the action on our Battle of Malta page.

Kara: The wait is over. Welcome to the Poker Listings, Battle of Malta. Over the next four days, poker players from around the world are going to battle it out for a chunk of 150k. Join us as we crown the first Battle of Malta Champion. Day 1A of the Battle of Malta is playing out right here at the Portomaso Casino, and so far we are having a blast. One-hundred-and fifty-three runners registered for today, which means that we are half way to this tournament's €150,000 guarantee. And registering in 150th place was none other than Dan Jungleman Cates. He told a few days ago that he planed to play aggressively in this tournament and he wasn't kidding. He was all-in within the first few hands of sitting down. He won the all-in when his opponent folded. And from there, he got down to the business of building a big stack. Another pro who's used to play in bigger buy-in events is France's Gaelle Baumann. She was 10th in this year's World Series of Poker main event, for almost $600,000 and she used to live right here in Malta. Even with this smaller buy-in, she said that it was no brainier to come down and join us, and play a little poker. Well, this tournament has probably a smaller buy-in than a lot of them that you've been playing recently, at 550. Tell me why an event like this would be interesting for you, as a professional. Gaelle: It's always nice to play smaller events as well because it's more friendly, the atmosphere is more relaxed. People are less stressed, they are chatting at the table. So, it's really a lot of fun to play. Kara: Has that been the atmosphere at your table so far today? Gaelle: Yeah, it's cool. People are having fun, laughing with each other. So it's nice. Kara: Do you find that anyone is a little bit nervous against you now? They've probably seen you playing on TV in some of these huge tournaments? Gaelle: I don't think I frighten them too much. Kara: No? Gaelle: I don't think so. Kara: Well, you frighten me a little bit. I'm not going to lie. I wouldn't want to be sitting with you and playing against you. Day 1A of the Battle of Malta is all done and dusted. And you know what? It's time for a drink. So join us tomorrow for more, here on