Antonio Esfandiari Thinks Poker Players Need to Leave the Casino

Published on 7 April 2013 by Pokerlistings 850

Few people have done more in the poker world than Antonio Esfandiari but the Magician's activity doesn't stop at the poker table. Esfandiari understands that to lead a balanced life you must get out of the casino, and he urges poker players to get out and enjoy the cities to which they travel for poker.

It's kind of nice to take a little break from the poker. At the end of the day sitting in a poker room is not my favorite thing because there's so much more to enjoy, especially when you're in a city like Melbourne. That's how they say it, Melbourne, but us Americans say it wrong. We say Melbourne. You've got to leave out the o. Anyway, you get what I'm trying to say.

So, in Melbourne, it's probably my favorite city outside the U.S., so when you're here, this is great. I don't even know what... we're watching the footy? That's what they call it? I don't even know what it is. And so I'm learning about a new game, so it's going to be a very cool experience and I'm excited to see the manly men out there do their thing, and I like it. I like to get out of the poker room.

In Vegas, obviously, I've built relationships with a lot of the club owners, or restaurant people or whatever, it's kind of who you know and whatnot. It's not anything out of the ordinary. It's always great when you have your first experience in those kinds of situations, but it is what it is. I don't really care about that stuff too much. But here, the only reason why we're in this incredible suite and watching the game, best seats of course, is because, if we can just turn and get a shot of Mr. Joseph Hachem right there, have we got him? He's an Australian legend, so we can't walk anywhere in Australia without people stopping, the paparazzi...It's really something else. I've never seen a poker player with such fame before. It's really inspirational. It makes me strive to go to the next level. So I just want to say, in honor of Joseph Hachem, that whole lifestyle is kind of cool, but you can have good experiences doing anything. It just matters who you're with and what you make of it.

I think the most special people in my life were my friends before I got into poker and obviously I've created some amazing relationships after poker. All the cool stuff that I've gotten to experience that most people, generally, don't get to experience has been cool. Obviously it's great. But at the same time, life is what you make of it.

I think that on the tournament circuit a lot of players just sit in the room playing poker, and then when they're done they just go sit in their room playing online and they don't experience anything to the city that they're in. You know, if you think about it, so many people save up, they get vacation time, they really work to go travel, so when they do they enjoy it more than someone who gets to just do it all the time. And so I think that we lose sight of how lucky we are to be able to do that. So when you're on the road at an event like this I really think that it's in everyone's life experience interest to get out and go do things instead of just sitting around. I mean I never sit in the room. I'm always out doing stuff, weather it's going for a walk outside, going to a game, going to Hachem's for a barbecue, whatever.