888poker Qualifiers Storming WSOP APAC Main Event

Published on 13 April 2013 by Pokerlistings 1188
The World Series of Poker Asia Pacific main event is in the money and a few of the players still in are particularly pleased since they qualified online through 888poker for a lot less than the $10k price tag. We speak to 888poker pro Sam Holden plus three qualifiers who traveled here from all over the world to visit Melbourne and take a shot at the $1 million first-place prize.
Matt Showell: Welcome back. The main event is in the money, but not everyone in this event had to pay the $10,000 entry to play. Today we're going to talk to a few players who qualified through 888 Poker.

Sam Holden: I think it's most poker players' dreams to play in these big events. It was certainly on my bucket list to even play in the World Series Poker main event, let alone do well in it. So yeah, the satellites are a brilliant way to get into these tournaments, especially if you have a job and you can afford to take a bit of a shot on one of the higher satellites and give yourself a better chance, or you can qualify for those in the lower-stake satellites. So, you know, if it's something that you want to do, and I think most poker players do want to do it, then I think it's a brilliant way of attempting to fulfill that dream.

Tom Watkins: I'm from Queensland and I was invited to play a satellite with 888 Poker. I was lucky enough to make it through the final 30, and here I am. Yeah, I like to watch poker on TV. I enjoy watching all the pros, and it's good to be playing against them.

Yasar Gueden: Oh, I play right now with Antonio. He's on my table. It's nice. It's okay. He is a human like you and me. He's nice to me, but I'm a nice guy, too, that's why. I don't make any trouble.

Martin Ostman: Poker, I don't play much poker anymore. I played before, online a bit, and I'd say my edge would go up a bit if everyone had to drink during the game because I'm the only one doing it, at my table at least.

Sam Holden: It's really exiting working with 888. From my background as an online poker player, having a little bit of say with the software or tying to impart my opinion, really, in what I think is important is really nice. And, you know, the team that travels these days, now with me, Jake, Jessie and Russell, and the qualifiers, and Shane, obviously, as well.

Tom Watkins: The 888 software is fantastic. It's got better over the years.

Yasar Gueden: I play a lot of poker, live poker, and when I play online I only play at 888, no other platform, because I like it. It's support is nice, and tournaments are nice, and cash games, it's okay. It's not so overrun. It's very easy to find games.

Tom Watkins: At this stage, I've set goals as I've gone along, first goal was to make it into the tournament, and then to cash, and we've almost achieved that, fingers crossed. And as far as the money's concerned, well, that's second. I'm doing it for the family and I'd like to be able to let the family enjoy the money that I do win here.