888.com's Warne: 'Lots of Similarities Between Poker and Cricket'

Published on 9 July 2013 by Pokerlistings 140

Shane Warne is one of the most legendary bowlers in cricket history but these days his main passion is poker, and of course his fiancee Elizabeth Hurley. Warne is at the World Series of Poker Main Event representing 888.com and is looking for his first cash ever in this world championship tournament. Warne has been traveling and sharpening his poker skills and thinks he's learned a thing or two from the last few years he's spent on the felt.

Yes well I mean the poker's been going pretty well. We last spoke at the Asian Pacific in Melbourne which was the first time, which I thought was an amazing event. That WSOP. We're now here in Vegas. There's been a bit happening in between that. I've played a few tournaments. Not doing that great. Been all over the world commentating. I've been in India, I've been all over the place doing that. Over in England for the Champions Trophy. Then went to Russia with my partner who was shooting a movie with Gerard Depardieu. So it's been a busy sort of couple of months. But I'm here fresh, ready to go for the WSOP here in Vegas.

There's a lot of similarities between cricket and poker and one of the things is when you're playing competition at the highest level, I played for 25 years and did pretty good. So the one thing I learned is when the momentum, someone else has momentum at the poker table you just feel you haven't got it, you have to find a way. You can't just say it's not my day. Because otherwise you're watching everyone else on TV. So you have to find a way to actually get into the tournament or to stop that momentum.

So the things to do are to change pace, change gears, play a different way, go for a walk, just do something. Get a drink, maybe get a massage away from the table. Just do something to stop the rot and come back again.

When you are playing well and you have to weigh up the other nine players or ten players, however many people at your table, there's generally ten. You have to sort of weigh up who's who. It's like in sport. You have to weigh up who's in form, how to bowl at a particular player. You have to sum them up. What's their weakness, their strength? If you can stay at that table for a while, once you've worked it out it's a very satisfying feeling and it's also a feeling that it's very similar to when you're out on the cricket field and you've summed up the situation and you decide a certain tactic.

It's not about, yes of course we all like to make some money but it's not about that. It's the intensity, it's the passion you see, it's the people that have been waiting a year and it's the only even they play. This is something I think every poker player or anyone, just to come here to Vegas to be part of it, all the events this week is pretty amazing. I'm playing in the main event. I'm really excited. I'm feeling pretty good this year. It's my seventh attempt at trying to cash. I think my best result was day four, I came 702nd. I think I played 698. So I just missed out on that one so hopefully I can go one better this year.

It's the bee's knees, it's the tournament that everyone looks forward to and everyone wants to do well in too. It's a bit like how you judge. Everyone said how did you go in the WSOP in Vegas? How did you go? How did you go? And it's always nice to say, "Look I made the money or I came 700th, I just missed it." So this is what it's all about and everyone wants to play well here.