(VIDEO) Heartwarming End to Bitter Lennaárd/Bergman Feud

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This contest's ending took everyone by surprise.

This year at the PokerListings Battle of Malta, two Swedes met in person to settle a long-standing rivalry once and for all.

Ken Lennaárd is one of the most popular poker bloggers in Sweden and it was in the comment section of one of his posts that he first met the trash-talking, top hat wearing Andreas Bergman.

According to Lennaárd, Bergman went way over the line, insulting him, his wife and his young daughter. According to Bergman, Lennaárd trash-talked him right back.

What we know for sure is that a bitter rivalry developed and eventually led to Bergman suggesting the two meet to settle their differences in person.

“He called my wife a prostitute and said his cat would scratch out the eyes of my one-year-old daughter,” said Lennaárd.

“Sometimes people need a punch in the face to know they've crossed the line and I'm going to provide him with that,” he added.

Bergman did not deny saying those things.

Best of Three in Poker, Chess, Boxing

Lennaárd and Bergman went toe-to-toe in three events: A last-longer bet in the Battle of Malta Main Event, a heads-up chess match and finally three rounds in a boxing ring.

It was Bergman who suggested the categories, a big mistake as we learned from talking with Lennaárd.

“I used to be a big talent in chess,” said Lennaárd before their match. “I got a scholarship to a chess high school in Sweden.”

Note: While it seems unlikely a "chess high school" is actually a thing, the Swedish Chess Academy is, in fact, a real entity.

After Bergman won the poker last-longer - which in the tantalizing field of the Battle of Malta is a pretty nice win in itself - Lennaárd made short work of him on the chess board. So that meant it all came down to a mano-a-mano throwdown in the boxing match, which was set for later that night.

But as we soon learned, Lennaárd had a huge edge on his opponent in the ring. We don't normally endorse resorting to physical violence to solve differences - especially within the poker world - but as you'll see in the video it didn't end up being quite as gruesome as expected.

Check out the video to see the surprising and heartwarming ending to what was a very bitter rivalry. It didn't turn out the way we planned but it's safe to say it was a very positive outcome for everyone involved.

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