Get It Over With and Learn Open-Face Chinese Poker Already

How to Play Open Face Chinese
Even your grandma's already learned OFC.

Everyone is playing open-face Chinese poker so quit stalling and get on the bandwagon already.

No more excuses. Check out our new video and learn OFC and its popular spin-off Pineapple right now in under five minutes.

Open-face Chinese poker is a great game to play with your friends, especially if you need a poker fix and no one else has much experience playing “real” poker like Texas Hold'em.

There's no betting or raising in OFC and the only prerequisite is an understanding of the basic poker hand rankings.

In this video we break down how to deal OFC, how to set your hands, how to score the game with royalties and how to get to Fantasy Land.

We also explain the key differences between regular OFC and Pineapple.

If you've never played closed Chinese Poker, check out our Chinese Poker video tutorial first. It'll make learning OFC a lot easier.

How to Play OFC and Pineapple

OFC/Pineapple Basics

Regular open-face Chinese poker and Pineapple have way more similarities than differences.

Both games revolve around a dealer button which moves one seat to the left after each hand.

To start, each player is dealt five cards and starting with the player to the left of the dealer, each player must start building three poker hands, laid out face-up in front of them.

One of the hands has three cards and must be the weakest hand of the three. It's called the top hand. The next hand is called the middle hand and it has five cards. It has to be better than the top hand. The third hand also has five cards and it's called the bottom hand. It must be better than both the middle and top hands.

Open Face Chinese and Pineapple Royalties Chart2

After everyone has set their first five cards, each player draws one card per turn and continues building their three poker hands until each player has a total of 13 cards.

In Pineapple, each player draws three cards per turn instead of one. Two of the cards are added to their hands and one is discarded face-down.

When each player has set all 13 of their cards, the game is scored just like regular closed Chinese poker.

In addition to the regular scoring, most people also play with royalties which are bonuses for special big hands.

Check out the chart on your right to see a common OFC royalty structure.

The last twist with OFC is called Fantasy Land. If you get a pair of queens or better in your top hand without fouling you go to Fantasy Land on the following hand.

When you're in Fantasy Land you get to see all 13 of your cards at once at the beginning of the hand while your opponent is forced to set theirs blind.

In Pineapple Fantasy Land you get 14 cards instead of 13 and choose one to discard.

For more information check out our comprehensive OFC rules page.

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