Victory, new nickname for WPT player

Shawn Buchanon

The crowd may have been sparse for Saturday evening's final table of the World Poker Tour Mandalay Bay Poker Championship, but those who were there saw Shawn Buchanon earn his first title and a new nickname.

Shawn Buchanon had been hanging out near the top of the chip leaderboard the entire tournament, though he didn't have the lead coming into the final table. Jared Hamby had that honor and it came down to them battling it out for the win.

A critical point in heads-up play came when the blinds were at $20k/$40k with a $5,000 ante. Buchanon made it $130,000 from the button and Hamby re-raised $220,000 more.

Buchanon didn't hesitate to call and the flop came Qs-9h-4h. Hamby bet $410,00 and Buchanon called.

When the turn brought a nine of clubs, Hamby came out firing again with a bet of $600,000. Again without hesitation, Buchanon called. A king of diamonds fell on the river and Hamby checked.

Buchanon checked behind him, catching Hamby in a bluff as he said, "No pair."

Buchanon flipped up a pair of threes. Hamby had been playing conservatively most of the final table, but Buchanon had looked him up at just the right time to take down a monster pot.

Amazingly, it was crabs again that would give Buchanon the win and possibly the new moniker of Captain Crab.

The televised final table results were as follows:

Place Name Prize
1stShawn Buchanon
2ndJared Hamby
3rdDavid Levi
4thThayer Rasmussen
5th David Haddad$98,375
Danny Wong


For more in-depth analysis of how the final table played out, visit the Live Tournament Section.

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