Veteran in Love takes $100k

Ten was the charmed number for his cards, but $25,000 is likely Veteran in Love's new favorite figure, as that's what he walked away with from's Sunday $100k guaranteed yesterday.

Attendance was up to 927 players for the Sunday tourney this week, but none of them could best Veteran in Love, who parlayed a few key hands involving tens into a nice weekend payday.

The first: When play hit three-handed and he called an all-in bet from fellow final-tabler rvrmonkey with pocket tens.

rvrmonkey showed Ac-5s, and two blanks (including a meaningless 10) sent him home in third place.

The final hand also came down to the magic tens, when his heads-up foe Vatche pushed all-in with 9h-2h and was called by Veteran In Love with 10h-5c.

The flop came Jh-10c-3d to put Veteran In Love in the lead, and a 10 on the turn definitively finished it off, sending Vatche home in second place and leaving Veteran to revel in his victory.

Here are the rest of your final table results:

1stVeteran In Love$25,000
2nd Vatche $14,000
3rd rvrmonkey $9,000
4th frankc $6,500
5th billystar $5,400
6th akw84 $4,400
7th FoodSaver $3,400
8th Gee Que $2,400
9th icunrazawlmydoe $1,550

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