Van Patten authors poker murder mystery

Vince Van Patten
The author at his day job.

Vince Van Patten is what passes for a renaissance man in Hollywood. He's a former tennis pro. He starred on television. He hosts a TV show and plays professional poker. And now the perfectly coiffed 49-year-old is an author.

Sort of.

With the assistance of writer Robert J. Randisi, Van Patten has penned Picasso Flop, a paperback release from Blackstone Audio.

His first novel is tagged as a poker murder mystery that follows the story of an ex-con and old-time poker pro named Jimmy Spain who gets tangled up in a homicide investigation while on the hunt for a good game.

Though the novel was only recently released, Van Patten told USA Today that he is already planning a sequel to the book.

"I wanted to show the colorful characters living on the edge," he told the newspaper in an article published Friday.

Whether he's accomplished that - and whether the book is any good - is up for debate.

So far, Picasso Flop has a three-star rating on and the reviews are mixed.

Poker fan Bill Reich of Branford, Conn., criticizes the depiction of a high-stakes No-Limit Hold'em game at the start of the novel.

"If you must read the first few pages, the only actual poker hands in the book, read it on an airplane because the airsickness bag will come in handy," he wrote after giving it a one-star review.

Mel Odom of Moore, Okla., was kinder, ranking the book five stars out of five.

"With the Texas Hold'em and Las Vegas background thrown in, the book delivers a lot of interesting information in an exotic location," Odom writes. "Not only that, but there's a murder to solve and an amateur detective that I found easy to root for."




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