Using the Chat Box

The final table

Because poker players cannot communicate face to face online, poker rooms offer a chat box to help you interact with the other players.

The majority of the time players use it for exchanging pleasantries and making small talk, although occasionally it can turn into a battleground, with players demeaning and degrading their opponents.

This usually happens after one player sucks out on another. Try not to get involved with such verbal sparring matches. They get you nowhere and will put you off your game.

If your opponent got lucky there is no point in telling him so. That is "tapping the glass." Why tell your opponent that he is a fish? He will then only strive to improve his skills.

It's better to just say "Nice hand" and let him continue to make poor plays. Ultimately, that's how you make your money.

Here are some common abbreviations used in the online poker chat that are good to know:

bb = Big blindsb = Small blindnp = No problem
brb = Be right backgh = Good handgg = Good game
gl = Good lucknh = Nice handlol = Laugh out loud
tx = Thanksty = Thank youtyvm = Thank you very much
vnh = Very nice handwd = Well donewp = Well played
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